The D.C. Democrats Are Unstoppable!

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They remind me of liquid metal man T-1000 in the movie The Terminator who kept coming for the Terminator even though T-1000 was destroyed over and over. He rose from a puddle of melted metal, reformed, and kept trudging on much like the Democrats do. I feel like the Democrats emerge much like T-1000 in a different form with different charges but with the same goal to take down President Trump and Trump is the Terminator trying to survive.

Their first attempt to kill Trump was the Kavanaugh Sham which destroyed them as it backfired. But remarkably they rose from a melted metal puddle of embarrassment and trudged on. Their second attempt was the Mueller Report which totally destroyed them leaving them spread out all over the land with egg on their melted parts.  But, astonishingly, they rose again a few days later without shame with the whistleblower accusation which led to the Ukraine hoax.  This final attempt to take out the Terminator latest months then exploded in their faces when it ended in an acquittal for Trump in the Senate.  Boom!  Their body parts were spread all over D.C., barely recognizable, especially Nancy’s.

So they had to do something.  Their body parts melded together again and rose with their latest attempt–a petition from the swamp dwellers to get A.G. Barr to resign.  This is getting ridiculous.  These people won’t stop! Barr is just doing his job.  If he sees injustice, he can recommend a lesser sentence for Stone, especially if it was collateral damage from the failed Mueller Probe.  Nothing to do with doing the bidding for President Trump like the fake news is reporting ad nauseam. He’s doing the bidding for Equal Justice Under The Law which every American should want.

These former DOJ employees who signed the petition are Obama loyalists as they’re afraid their former leader will eventually be exposed by Barr and held responsible for what they did to Trump. Better to take Barr out beforehand like good little drones. All the left is doing is showing Barr what they are capable of and should make Trump’s stock go way up in Barr’s eyes.

They are so desperate now they have Obama tweeting that the current economy is due to Obama’s recovery bill that he signed.  Hahahahahah!  Nice try Obama.  Someone looks a little jeeeeealous.  Apparently the left still hopes they can sway the voters into taking out Trump.  Their last attempt to take down Trump will be the voters.  They know it’s the economy, stupid, and they’re trying to steal that from Trump too.


Bloomberg wouldn’t be able to run a 7-11 Store let alone a farm.  If he thinks he could manage a farm and make it profitable, he’s full of it.  He’s never worked hard labor one day in his life.  It takes a lot of “gray matter” to run a farm. All Bloomberg is good at is investments and foreign investments in China.  Any idiot with money and luck can do that.  Trump could have done that, but he chose to go into construction to build something.

Bernie is a socialist who wants to bankrupt our country and turn us into Venezuela.  Why?  I have no idea.  He was just born that way.  Buttigieg is his protege.  Why?  He was just raised that way. Biden was banking on years of government experience sort of like Hillary did to win the nomination.  But sometimes experience shows us who they are and works against them. Who’s left?  Klobuchar.  She’s Hillary 2.0. She wants abortions, high taxes, no walls, abolish ICE, sanctuary cities, illegals getting free healthcare, liberal supreme court justices, and eating salads with a dirty comb.  Basically a big liberal from Minnesota.  Shocker.  Warren is done. Her chickens (lies) have come home to roost.

So far there’s no one that can beat Trump, so they’ll continue to send in liquid metal man in some form or another to take down Trump prior to the next election. Nothing can stop them. They are unstoppable.

Image result for images of liquid man from terminator

So we must VOTE them out.  All of the them!  That’s the only way they will stop!