The Left Protects Biden Like Antibodies Protect our Bodies.

Consider the fact that the left thinks of conservatives as antigens–harmful substances in the body that need to be eliminated like a cancer.

An antibody is a protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances, called antigens. Examples of antigens include microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) and chemicals.

Antibodies may also be produced when the immune system mistakenly considers healthy tissue a harmful substance. This is called an autoimmune disorder. With this analogy, the Democrats (sent out to attack) are attacking healthy tissue known as conservatives so they are suffering from an autoimmune disorder. We thought they suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it may just be an autoimmune disorder.

They come out in droves protecting Biden from the cancerous conservatives like antibodies in our body. They surround the conservatives and will do anything to wipe them out like they did to Kavanaugh and are still doing. Unfortunately, they are fighting the “good cells” so an autoimmune disorder it is. It’s uncanny how they overlook the bad cells like Biden himself and go after the good ones. They call him energetic while we see a sloth. They call him a great speaker while we see an irate old man with arms flailing and voice ranging from shouts to whispers. Not presidential at all. They praise his economy while we see our retirement plans disappearing before our eyes and costs going up daily. They praise the high gas prices as they think they’re helping America go all EV, while we are having to cut back on spending on food and other living expenses.

So I guess my old BMW classic car will become a thing of past. Why am I preserving it? Because it was made better and is fun to drive. Also because we took out a big loan to purchase it and was my dream car–a navy blue 740IL that runs on Supreme. But in Biden’s world, we are not allowed to be happy. Not allowed to be proud of something we purchased the old fashion way like a college degree. Pursuit of Happiness is a thing of the past. John Kerry thinks it’s a great idea for us all to go EV. He wants no more drilling for oil in our country. He must have left part of his brain back in Viet Nam or it’s in his chin. Whoever voted for Biden should be alarmed at this point. But I hear crickets from them. They refuse to admit they made a mistake!

Where will all our gasoline cars go? Are we supposed to erase our history and have these vehicles sent to the salvage yard? Will Jay Leno give up his collection of vintage American cars? Will NASCAR races be a thing of the past like the horse and buggy? Will bulldozers be fueled by electricity? Where will the Gold Rush diggers plug in their backhoes for electricity out in the middle of no where? How can rich Democrats that fly around in private jets and own Bentleys be in favor of John Kerry’s plan? “Plans for thee but not for me” probably. I’m shocked that this is even admitted out loud. And where do they think electricity comes from, the electricity fairy? We already have rolling blackouts due to surges in usage on hot days.

But I digress. Biden is protected by the media, his cabinet members, social media, newspapers, and the Democrats. They are in essence suffering from an autoimmune disorder as they are attacking what is good for America and protecting what is bad: Biden.