Why the Sudden Concern for Those Entering Our Country Illegally?

Coming to a town near you.

Oh, I see, because they ended up in rich elite cities. Oh my! We should be sending them back to the country they came from rather than trying to find a spot for them in our country. THEY BROKE THE LAW! Even Kamala says our borders are closed, so they must have crossed illegally, right? I’m getting sick and tired of reading or hearing about the inhumanity of Governors Abbott and DeSantis for the way they are treating just a handful of these illegal invaders compared to the millions being dumped in their states. Please.

The history books will say that these two governors were acting heroically in trying to save America from a foreign invasion by relocating them to Sanctuary Cities where they could see for themselves the problem and possibly, just possibly, close the border once and for all. For real. It is good what they are doing–sharing the illegals with the rich elites. BTW, it is an impeachable offense to not protect America from a foreign invader. And The Tyrant has allowed over 5 million to enter and be dispersed among our citizens. It’s like an invisible Trojan Horse. We now have the most porous border of any country in the world.

Let’s be honest, The Tyrant has invited all these foreigners to cross our border so he can fly them to Red States in the dead of night so they can become citizens, vote Democrat in appreciation, and turn the state Blue forever. Simple as that. This is all that is going on and everyone is lying about it: the press, the Dems, and even some GOP. They are not coming here because they are fleeing for their lives but rather have been promised freebies of all kinds. It’s all a bunch of nonsense. Some are drug traffickers, terrorists, murderers, and convicts. Thank you, Biden.

It’s all about stealing more elections. Kamala even wants to make them citizens already, so there’s your first clue. They don’t care about the increase in the homeless, taking over private hotels, increased crime, flooding our already overburdened healthcare system, or overcrowding our schools. They don’t care about the unintended consequences. All they care about is maintaining power over the country and keeping it out of the hands of the GOP. Simple as that.

So let’s stop the feigned outrage from the millennials about how cruel Governors Abbott and DeSantis are being. They fear these two patriotic, popular governors as much as they do Trump because they may run for higher office too. That alone has them shaking in their UGGs and slandering these heroes. Remember, whenever a Dem doesn’t have facts on their side, they resort to slander; and that’s what they’re doing to these governors.