Is it Double Standard or Reverse Discrimination?

R is for Reverse which is where we are heading.

The conservative media loves to complain about the double standard that the media is giving the Biden Administration compared to how they treated the Trump Administration. Or how the press core treats Pippi Psaki compared to Trump’s press secretaries. Or they call it hypocrisy. I’ve always called the way they treated Trump “reverse discrimination” as he was the first president to experience it.

He won his election fair and square before mail in ballots and fixed voting computer programs, but they called him a racist for four years because he REPLACED Obama and that had to be racist in their minds or at least sexist since he beat Hillary. They impeached him twice in the House for nothing. They conjured up phony Russia collusion and Ukraine hoaxes against Trump. All because Trump once asked for Obama’s birth certificate as we were all curious. So Obama came up with some forged looking document to appease his base. I never bought it. They’ve been calling Trump racist ever since. It wasn’t about his race, it was about his country of birth. Duh!

Now reverse discrimination is hitting us everywhere in the schools, the courts, the police department, the media, social media, and in general life experience. The benefit of the doubt is never given to the white cop only the black one by the media. It’s never given to the white suspect (Ashli Babbitt) only the black one (Breonna). In fact, they have covered up the name of the black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt.

White cops are “guilty until proven innocent.” Black rioters are arrested and released the same day. White peaceful demonstrators are gathered up, arrested, and held indefinitely. Black cops’ names are not released. Reverse discrimination rears it’s ugly head. If the media cannot see the difference in treatment, then they need their heads examined. Not a bad idea.

Back in the 70s when Affirmative Action began, it was obvious when a less qualified black got a position over the qualified white candidate, but we didn’t say anything. We were being nice. We let it go and now look where we’re at. How in the world did an off-putting, radical Kamala become VP?

The left is trying to rewrite our history to read that slaves built the United States, that our explorers like Columbus were evil, and our forefathers like Washington were racist. More and more we are seeing the favoritism by many in the media toward blacks and ignoring the white person or conservative who has done the same or more. Even in the American Idol show, the judges overly praise the black candidates boosting them into the finals. I’m not sure who is voting these days for AmIdol but they are missing the mark. Could be the same who voted for Biden. They ignore real talent and charisma and vote by identity politics which is not what the show is about. It has become politicized like everything else.

Martin Luther King said we should be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. The complete opposite is being done today.

We all see this happening everyday in the news, but the news anchors barely report it for what it is. It is usually brushed off as a double standard; but when you look deeper, it is reverse discrimination against whites or conservatives of any color. Whites are being separated from blacks at college graduation ceremonies. That’s reverse discrimination. That’s not uniting us like Biden promised. The media is trying to put a bad spin on U.S. history to make whites look evil but build up the black race. Young blacks are believing all this nonsense and thus why we have so much anger in the streets fueled by the likes of Biden/Harris and Obama’s comments.

We had the Black Panthers in the 60s and 70s but now it has morphed into a Marxist group known as Black Lives Matter. They do nothing to help the less fortunate black communities but rake in million$ to spend on more activism or fancy homes for themselves. We gave blacks an inch, they took more than a mile, and now the whites are looking for that same inch (courtesy) in return. No good deed goes unpunished. And boy, oh boy, are we being punished for nothing.

I miss Trump more and more each day. He needs to bring us back to normal. Not the new norm, just normal.