We Need to Set Some Things Straight…Again.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Are we all tired of watching the news lie to us daily or just preach to the choir? Preaching to the choir hasn’t gotten us anywhere. Sippy Cup Joe said on foreign soil that the Republicans and Trump supporters are losing membership and power. That isn’t true, but we let him get away with it. That is actually against our political code of conduct to denigrate the opposing party on foreign ground but…no one seems to care. He’s copying from the Obama playbook. And he’s infamous for plagiarism.

Let’s dispel some of the lies the Dems tell once and for all: Thousands of “armed insurrectionists” is a Big Lie. Not one gun was confiscated from the thousands of demonstrators at the capitol but Nancy and Sippy continue to spread that lie. The only gun fired was by an unknown cop who killed Ashli Babbitt. The FBI are protecting his identity.

It appears that the FBI infiltrated the crowd with undercover agents that actually instigated some of the rioting, but they were not arrested.

Sippy Cup has emboldened Hamas, Iran, Palestinians, and Putin by sending billions in aid and approving an oil line for Russia. The money released has gone to start conflict with Israel.

When Sippy Cup stupidly gave Putin a list of “sixteen of our most vulnerable” areas to cyberattack, he may as well have put a target on the U.S. inviting Russia to shut us down. How dumb is this president? Or does he have a secret goal to ruin us? He certainly hasn’t helped us since he came into office. It would be akin to a bank sending out a floorplan of the vault, cameras, alarm buttons, and money drawers in their building to the usual suspects.

When Sippy abandoned the construction of the wall and all Trump’s border restrictions, he opened us up for 6,000 illegals, drug cartels, sex traffickers, murderers, covid positives a day crossing the border. That’s on him and Kammie…1000%

When the media, the press, doctors, governors, scientists, Hollywood, and Democrats dismissed the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine early on for covid patients only because Trump endorsed it, they killed off thousands and Pfizer made 100 million on the sale of the expedited vaccine. We always have to look at who benefitted from downplaying HCQ? Biden, Fauci, and Pfizer. Trump was right all along about HCQ.

When Sippy defended the terrorist group Black Lives Matter on foreign soil, I cringed. Even Putin knows better than to defend this Marxist group.

When Sippy recently said he is not good friends with President Xi of China, it belies his past videos claiming they’ve spent hours together in flight and that they were good buddies. He contradicts his own comments. He and his son are in bed with China and selling us out to the highest bidder. For instance, Hunter has a new career, ironically blowing paint through a straw onto canvas and selling them to undisclosed buyers for $500,000. If that isn’t buying access to the POTUS, I don’t know what is. They must think we have STUPID written on our foreheads, and sometimes I think we do. Hunter is mocking us all the way to the offshore bank.

Do the FBI look into Hunter’s latest career? Of course, not. He’s a Biden, not a Trump. The two- tiered justice system isn’t even being hidden from us any longer. It is in plain sight which makes it even harder to turn on the news. I used to love watching Watters, Ingraham, Hannity, Tucker, and Gutfeld, but nothing they report gets any notice from the feds. If anything, the feds go out of the way to ignore all the scandals and just focus on domestic terror from white guys, Trump’s taxes, January 6th, eliminating voter ID, and critical race theory. That’s all they care about.

To them running the country is just about keeping power away from the Republicans…at all costs…even to the detriment of We the People. Screw the people, high gas prices, costs of goods, riots in the streets, school children wearing unhealthy masks, and unemployment. Screw them all. We just want to keep our power.

There’s much more to set straight, but it is Father’s Day. Time to appreciate the fathers in my life…past and present. Mine who served in the Navy, raised four kids, and retired from 30 years at the same state job. He wasn’t famous but was extremely dependable and handy around the house. He could build or fix anything unlike most young men of today. We never needed to hire a repairman.

If the street thugs of today had been raised by my father or even myself, they wouldn’t turn out to be street thugs. It all starts in the home. My kids have never held a protest sign, nor I, nor my parents, unlike Kammie’s mother. It’s about good upbringing. These parents who encourage their children to go to protests at young ages (and you know who you are. I’ve seen them on Instagram at Gay Pride or BLM marches holding signs) should be ashamed of themselves for planting the seed of anarchy in their children. This is how it all starts. It starts in the home. Cut it out!

Happy Father’s Day!