Mueller Report Falsely Reported “DNC Emails Hacked by Russia”…


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And America believed it. Special Counsel knew all along that the DNC emails given to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks were from an inside job, yet we were lied to.  If they lied about one thing in that report, then the rest of it cannot be believed. They covered up a huge story in order to protect persons in high positions just as Comey did when he refused to charge Hillary for deleting subpoenaed emails.

This is becoming a pattern for the FBI and CIA and Deep State. They can do whatever they like to protect whomever they want, it seems. In fact, it’s looking more and more like Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC, was gunned down by a hired hitman to silence him and the murder investigation was stymied by the police department. Talk about a conspiracy.

I recall when the FBI went to interview Julian Assange regarding the leaked DNC emails, suddenly Obama told the FBI to “stand down” after “something” turned up.  This to me means they found out it was an inside job and didn’t fit their fake Russia Collusion narrative so that news COULD NOT be released as it would affect Hillary’s chances.  Obama is known for lying right before an election–Benghazi. Also the parents of Seth Rich asked for privacy and wished for no further investigation to be done on their son’s murder.  Weird.  Someone got to them.  IMO.  I’ve always thought this, but it never gets reported.

The woman who stirred his curiosity was Ellen Ratner, a veteran TV news analyst. On the day after the 2016 presidential election, Ratner participated in a videotaped panel discussion at Embry-Riddle University.

“I spent three hours with Julian Assange on Saturday at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London,” said Ratner with a curious lack of emphasis. “One thing he did say was the leaks were not from, they were not from the Russians. They were an internal source from the Hillary campaign.” NWO Report

Forensic evidence combined with testimony from the horse’s mouth are ample proof it was an inside job from someone pissed that Bernie got the nomination stolen from him and this leaker wanted revenge.  Stories come out about Seth’s suspicious death but nothing seems to make it to the press.  I wonder why?  Is the government so big, so protected, so corrupt that we never really find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Yes.

Look what one judge is doing to General Flynn now.  Even though the Attorney General’s special prosecutor has found no evidence of him involved with Russia Collusion or even lying to the FBI, this Obama-appointed judge won’t drop the charges without hearing from the Deep State for their opinions.  This sucks.  While Flynn remains in purgatory, this judge is playing tiddlywinks with his life.  He needs to step aside as he is compromised and prejudiced and probably part of the conspiracy.

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Eric Holder, Obama’s wing man, is coming out against AG Barr now saying he is doing Trump’s bidding.  That’s rich.  Notice how he and Obama are resurfacing suddenly?  Don’t you think it is to get public opinion on their side?  They must be scared to death of Barr and Durham.  Good luck.

Is everyone tired of what the left is doing to this country yet?  Are we in for bigger trouble down the road with three trillion dollar stimulus packages that propose to keep our youth home from work forever?  Red states versus blue states?  Health experts GUESSING about a virus threat to one extreme causing people to be afraid to reenter the workplace?  Mayor’s telling their citizens they have to shelter in place for three more months! Governors telling boaters, no more than two occupants to a boat regardless of the size! There’s no covid in boating. What is this world coming to?  Why aren’t we fighting back?  Why aren’t the Republicans fighting back?  Just coming on television and voicing your strong opinions is doing nothing for us. You’ve done that for four years to no avail.  Do something!  This is why you hold elected offices. We can’t do anything. Who will save our country?

Trump needs to take control of these states that are out of control and tell the companies to reopen safely.  He gave these partisan governors a chance, and they’re playing politics.  Now it’s time for “Trump to the rescue” like Superman.  Otherwise, we lose our country to poverty AND the plague. The blue state cities are lying about the death counts from covid and the availability of testing.  They’ll say anything negative about the handling of the pandemic as long as it reflects badly on Trump.  And the press conference reporters need to go. They are setup artists trying to trap Trump with nasty questions.  I’m sick of it.  I’m over it.

Reopen our country, free General Flynn, and tell the truth about Seth Rich!

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