Before We Ban Dodgeball, Why Not Let Congress Play the Game? Republicans vs. Democrats.

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Love to see the outcome of that game.  And whichever side wins, gets to pass a bill!  It is beginning to look like this is the only way to get something done in Congress, since they are so divided. They should play it once a week. It should be co-ed with equal number of players on each side. Team captains will pick their players with equal amount of women to men on each side.  And no balls to the head.  We don’t want to crack Nancy’s makeup or have any wigs flying off of Maxine. Size of teams to be determined.

Nancy wants Trump imprisoned.  What a disrespectful thing for the Speaker to say.  She should be imprisoned for why San Francisco is looking like a slum.  She’ll be balled out first.  Schiff will be second, then Nadler, and Schumer.  Then take out the loony bartender and her cohorts. They could sell tickets to the game to help fund the wall.

Star Republican players would be Jordan, Nunes, and Graham.  They have a lot of energy and reason to take out these incorrigible, cheating leftists.

The way the media, the candidates, and Democrats have been treating Trump while he’s overseas is despicable.  I only see snippets of what they say, but it’s clear they’re pulling no punches. They can’t stand to see Trump succeed so they bury the good news about him.  Fake news.

Let’s get to the bottom of SPYGATE, MUELLERSHAM, and RUSSIANHOAX.  These Democrats are getting bolder, louder, and more outrageous daily.  One or more of them need to be indicted like Comey, McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper for starts. Let’s get the dodgeball rolling.

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