From Corona to Crow…

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Jim Crow that is. Biden ran on eliminating the corona virus, covid, China virus, Wuhan virus, whatever one calls it now. But since Trump’s vaccines have worked out so well for America, he seems to have jumped ships to Jim Crow, Jim Crow, Jim Crow. I honestly have never heard Jim Crow’s name mentioned so many times in my life as in the last month from Slow Joe. I cringe whenever he says it.

I probably was taught about Jim Crow in history class but his name was never uttered so much as now. My parents never dropped his name in forty years while they were alive. We learned about famous explorers in history like Magellan, Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Sir Francis Drake, or my dad’s favorite, Snowshoe Thompson. Not infamous characters. Our teachers and parents didn’t dwell on slavery like Biden currently is. He must have been raised in one racist family and is trying to atone for it. Now it seems this is all our current education system and administration talks about. In fact, they have cancelled Christopher Columbus and changed his name on my calendar into Indigenous People’s Day. What an insult to our historic figures that risked their lives to explore the world. No good deed goes unpunished.

This administration crows about wanting to eliminate racism in America; yet the more they bring it up, the more it will be spread. They have the Blacks hating us now. They have Hollywood at the Academy Awards Show giving speeches on cops killing blacks but no mention of how our cops are targeted daily. Jon Voight, who is a conservative, says we must stand up for ourselves and be heard as communism is taking over America. It started during the 60s and slowly spread as it is being taught in our schools as acceptable. Progressive is just one step from socialism and socialism is just one step from communism. Thanks Joe. Joe was the trojan horse that has brought us up the stairs to the doors of communism. No wonder he has trouble climbing them…guilt.

The crisis in America is not only at our Southern border, although that is a humanitarian crisis in the making. It is everywhere: in our schools, our jobs, our hospitals, our public transportation, our stores, our cities, our counties, our states, and our country. We’ve been hoodwinked and brainwashed. The mask mandate is just their method of control. It shows we have capitulated to the left’s demands.

Don’t wear the mask. Stand up to them as often as you can without getting arrested. Third time shopping without a mask and no one has said a word. I get looks from other shoppers, but no offensive remarks. The more we are compliant, the more the communism spreads. I am still amazed at the number of folks walking around outside with masks on. They must have voted for Biden. They look like fools.

So if you are wondering what happened to running on eliminating covid, it has changed to spreading fear of Jim Crow. Amazing how that works.