Erasing President Trump’s Past.


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The left is trying to erase Trump’s past successes slowly but surely from the archives.  One by one they’ll destroy any remnant of his past popularity and achievements.  They’ll remove his name from high rises, cut his cameo out of a film, boycott his golf resorts and hotels, and destroy all episodes of his successful tv show.  They only want records of his divorces, past indiscretions, and business deals gone bad–nothing positive that he has accomplished.  They also won’t report on any of his accomplishments as president. They are paying airports to play CNN fake news about Trump. Big brother is brainwashing America.

Conversely, the left added Obama’s name to schools, streets, and buildings across America after he left office despite the fact that he tried to ruin the economy and traditional values across the nation.

My liberal-raised eleven year old grandson (who always likes to bash Trump), asked me over the holidays, “Was Obama a good president?”

I told him, “Let’s not talk politics on Christmas but later on I’ll discuss that topic with you.” I also added, “The word is not fully out yet on that subject, but is coming soon. I’ll get back to you.”  It was the first time he questioned the success of Obama which could be a sign that maybe, just maybe, the word is getting out in schools about what Obama did to Trump’s campaign and presidency.  One could only hope.

Regarding impeachment of Trump: Nary a word was spoken about it from either side of my political relatives.  It’s like kryptonite–no one wants to touch it.  Or as Lindsey Graham said, “Impeachment is a dead cat.  Don’t touch it, don’t talk about it.”  I say, “It’s starting to smell, so bury it already.”

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After the New Year, we’ll find out what happens to the Articles of Impeachment.  But right now, they’re stinking up D.C.  In the meantime, the left will continue to try to erase all of Trump’s past and his future while still looking for more articles to impeach him on. Total sham, total set up, total hoax, as Trump says daily. It’s a punishment still in search of a crime. Nancy prays for the president every day all right, she prays they’ll find evidence of a crime to impeach him on for real next time.  These people are not well.

Happy New Year! TRUMP/PENCE 2020.