Fauci is Batsh-t Crazy.

Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Runs - WSJ
The left’s God, Fauci

Maybe he spent too much time around bats in the Wuhan Lab. He thinks he’s a God. He says now if we doubt him, we doubt science. He is not science. He is merely political science. He is behind a lot of the pain our country suffered in 2020 and is still suffering. He is behind children wearing dirty masks in school and on playgrounds. It sickens me to see children at play with masks on. Thanks to Fauci.

Fauci was behind “mail-in” ballots and placing ballot boxes in towns which had no chain of custody whereby we have no idea if they got counted or thrown out. He was behind the shutdown of businesses across the nation and still is. Why? Because he is a Democrat first and a doctor sometime in the past. He wanted to hurt small businesses if not put them out of business. He wanted landlords to suffer by not collecting rent for a year. He wanted restaurants to go out of business. He is either batshit crazy or politically motived. Or both.

He said the Wuhan lab, which he and Obama sent grants to, did not leak the bat virus. Turns out, not only did they leak it but may have engineered it at our expense. We need to rid ourselves of Fauci. Trump should have fired him when he had the chance. He is a fly in the ointment, a thorn in our side, bats in the belfry. Probably one of Trump’s biggest regrets was keeping on Fauci. Never trusted the guy.

Fauci always claimed that what he recommended was based on science. Let’s take a look at that: Originally he said masks will not help anyone and should not be worn. I think he was right the first time but the powers at be (the Dems) got to him and he had to retract that advice against science. He also said banning flights from other countries was unnecessary as it was not transferrable from person to person. He also said cruise ships and sex with a stranger was okay. So you see Fauci does not follow science, he follows leftist ideas. He doesn’t even follow common sense. He became known as flipflop Fauci after a while.

The left is still propping him up as a savior of our country but the complete opposite is true. If anything what he did and said killed off hundreds of thousands especially when he went on national tv and dismissed the effectiveness of hydroxy. He is actually evil and a disloyal government employee. Trump put a lot of trust in him and relied on him for accurate advice. But Fauci based his advice on science models that weren’t relevant to the United States. Sort of like how Dr. Al Gore came up with Global Warming. All based on leftist, extremist ideas or fudged models, i.e. “never let a crisis go to waste”, translated: Create a crisis like global warming and a pandemic to gain control of the people.

This whole pandemic was a genius scheme by the left. Very genius and it worked to some degree. If not for our crooked court system Trump would have won regardless of the genius evil scheme. But the scheme was so widespread it had its tentacles in just about every aspect of our election system all the way up to the Supreme Court run by compromised Jon Roberts! Genius I say. Evil genius.

Most of America sees through the left and knows what they have put on us and still are. Their latest is critical race theory which is all bullshit. They are trying to change the course of our history into something we won’t even recognize and it needs to be stopped. Some parents are putting their foot down and not allowing it in their schools. More have to speak out at city council meetings otherwise we become a nation of sheep. I still see these sheep donning masks in California after the mask mandate has been lifted. One news anchor says wearing a mask to some is symbolic for “hating Trump” thus why Biden still wears one. These people are batshit crazy too.