Fascist Antifa Won’t Let Up.

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

They are still burning and destroying property like in Portland last night. What do they want!? They got Biden. Go home to mommy and shut up. Maybe when Kammie said they won’t stop after the election and shouldn’t she was onto something. But notice Biden and Kammie aren’t asking for calm. Instead the news will continue to blame Trump supporters for the riots like they did at the Capitol. Nice try.

The Punishment Party is now in power and anything is possible. They won’t even look at Biden and his past crimes, but instead will focus on all of us. Biden’s whole purpose in office is to punish Trump and all his success. He will systemically reverse all the good Trump has done. He already has Canada and Israel mad at our country but has embraced China and Iran.

He will be the Opposite President. Whatever Trump did, he’ll do the opposite. Childish, but coming from a man who is reliving his childhood with Cornpop, the phonograph, pulling his dog’s tail, and fights behind the high school gym. Why in the world would we stop building The Wall and let tens of thousands of super spreaders into our country when we are suffering daily from covid? Why? Because it is the opposite of what Trump wants. The Opposite President.

We have gone from America First to America Last in one day. Amazing. Reinstating “white privilege training” is in itself–racist. We shouldn’t be dividing the country by our color. That is against Martin Luther King’s dream to not be noticed for our color but for our integrity. They want to pit one race against the other which spawned the creation of BLM under the Obama Administration. It needs to stop. We’ve had enough brainwashing of our children from high school to college, no need for anymore. If anyone needs deprogramming, Katie Couric, it’s our college kids not Trump Supporters or possibly you who have listened to NBC for years. How’s your mentor Matt Lauer doing?

The Opposite President, who gave his inaugural speech on Unity, has failed on day one. In fact, he slipped in that his main purpose will be to eliminate domestic terror like white supremacists but no mention of BLM and Antifa. Amazing. They are coming for us. By the way, Trump supporters are not white supremacists, but they have labeled us that for four years and it has stuck. We are not.

Just because we vote for a white man does not make us racist. Biden is whiter than white so that doesn’t even make sense. We are just regular people of any color that respect freedom, the constitution, liberty, and honest elections. They used the Capitol Invasion to blame on white supremacists who they called Trump supporters. But the agitated crowd was filled with all sorts of nutcase groups of all color, yet to be determined.

Like I will say to all my Democrat friends and family, “The country got what they deserved with the inauguration of Biden.” That should make them happy, right? But I think it will offend them. Our country doesn’t deserve Trump. That can be taken two ways too. Trump is too good for the likes of our country these days. Our country is filled with dishonesty, deception, and dirty politics. The list of culprits is infinite. D.C. is too dirty for the likes of Trump and Melania. And I’m frankly fed up with the media, the government, sports channel, and all the others that drank the “stupid” Kool Aid.