What’s the Going Rate for a Hoax?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A million, two million, 100 million? I know the Steele Dossier was in the tens of millions, then there was the whistle blower in the Urkaine hoax, Dr. Ford’s hoax, and the rioting hoax still going on. How much do they get paid? What’s it cost the Democrats to come up with the next hoax? I’d really like to know.

The hoaxes are coming in hot and fast on Trump it seems.  We went from mini strokes to insulting fallen heroes within a day’s time.  What will be the next one?  I half expect them to claim Trump’s been having an affair under his desk in the oval office like Bill Clinton.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  These hoaxers get paid well by their conspirators. The plots come right out of a Netflix drama movie script.  Who sits on their board? Hmm.  I can see them now planning their next attack on Trump and how much they are willing to spend. Do they use campaign donation money?  Isn’t election interference illegal?  Isn’t that what they accused Russia and Wikileaks of?  Amazing. Forget China or Russia interfering, it’s the Democrats that we have to worry about, again. They’re stone cold crazy.

The way the press core and main stream media and even FOX News jump onto these fake news stories is sickening though.  Haven’t they learned anything yet?  “Unnamed sources” is code for made up or in the Democrats’ cases, well paid liars.   And the press protects these unnamed sources like they protected the whistle blower.  The press needs to go back to journalism school. Did we all see the fawning presser they gave Biden compared to Trump’s?  OMG it was enough to make one throw up.  I, for one, am sick of the press.  They don’t deserve to ask questions of the president after the way they’ve treated him.  How he takes it, I’ll never know. He must have a strong mettle. 

If the press and media had any scruples, which they don’t, they’d ignore the next hoax until they had direct evidence, not hearsay.  Stained blue dress, anyone…anyone?    

Fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a very raucous ride until election day. And Trump, be careful. Everything you say or do until election day will be sliced and diced by the media looking for one little tidbit to run with. Conversely, for Biden, they overlook all his dementia, word searches, bumbling, bumfuzzlement, and stutters like they have blinders and earmuffs on. It’s enough to make one throw up.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com