Ted Cruz for FBI Director.


Ted Cruz Was Seen on a Flight Without a Mask. His Office Says He Followed  Airline Policy. - The New York Times

Ted is the guy who can drain the swamp and knows where the swamp dwellers hide. He was very effective when he grilled the Big Tech CEOs. That’s the kind of guy we need in there to sniff out the holdovers from the Obama Administration. And he doesn’t play nice just to get along and go to DC parties like some of these clowns that get in these positions do. He even said during the debates, “I may not have a drink with you but I’ll drive you home if you need a ride.” Ted would also be qualified to takeover for A.G. Barr if he’s tired out. Trump needs Ted’s expertise, loyalty, knowledge of the constitution, and his tenacity.

I hope when Trump wins, he’ll consider some changes in his department heads. Not one former rival of Trump has been more loyal to Trump’s administration although Lindsey Graham has been a star too. He should be Speaker of the House not loony Nancy.

Biden is lying so much now in his written speeches and ads, they are hard to watch. Trump hasn’t given up on covid, and we’re not Nazis nor ugly Trump chumps. We all have to live with covid until it goes away or a vaccine is successful. It’s common sense. Joe doesn’t know what common sense is. His biggest lie which he and Obama are spreading is they handed over a booming economy to Trump and he squandered it like he squandered his inheritance. The truth is: Trump turned his inheritance into a billion dollar company, and he brought back America from the brink of disaster that Obama handed him.

Biden’s for mask mandates and lockdowns all the way. Biden and his surrogates are calling the laptop from hell a Russian smear job close to the election. Nice try Biden. Biden said yesterday that when he was a kid, President Kennedy said something or another. Only thing is, Biden was 20 years old when Kennedy was president and that’s an adult the last time I checked. He’s confused about his past and his present day. Albeit, he is on something which helps him get through his speeches but is incapable to speak from the heart, off the cuff, without fading midsentence. It’s more than just a senior moment.

Trump speaks off the cuff everyday of this presidency. He is the most transparent president in modern history.

The stock market is selling off as I expected close to the election as no one knows for sure who will win so they are hedging their bets. A huge selloff, however, means they think Biden will win. Defense, fossil fuel, energy, diary, meat, manufacturing, and health insurance will take a huge hit if Biden wins. Conversely, electric cars, solar, wind mills, weed industry, popsicles, icicles, incense, and peppermint will soar. Hope you have stock in those. If Biden does win, say goodbye to your retirement plans among other things too numerous to count.

Photo by Charly Severino on Pexels.com

Trump is for the American Dream while Biden is for the Biden Team and Build Biden Better.