If it Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like Duck, and Says “I’m a Duck”…


Photo by Saeid Anvar on Pexels.com

Why won’t the media listen to the duck? Can’t we just admit already that there is widespread voter fraud? All the evidence points to voter fraud, some is circumstantial, but important nonetheless. The left told us beforehand that they were going to steal the election. Why won’t the tv stations admit it, Sandra Smith, Neil Cavuto, Chris Wallace? Come on, man. You blew it. You have egg on your faces. You’ve lost all your creditability, if you ever had any.

President elect term cannot be used by anyone until all the LEGAL votes are counted and certified. Al Gore was allowed 37 days to contest the count in one shady precinct. Certainly we can allow Trump the same curtesy to contest the count in hundreds of shady precincts and states, especially when the fraud is staring us in the face. We have over 200 signed under oath affidavits from witnesses to voter fraud. Why will they never give Trump the benefit of the doubt? They certainly jumped on Hillary’s scheme to put a Russian Collusion charge onto Trump. Funny how that is. And I thought the left reveres whistleblowers. Not so much any more.

It’s plain rude the way Trump has run up FOX News ratings for four years then they show their appreciation by dumping him on election night. That was the worst display of cheating in plain sight I’ve ever seen. Why couldn’t the FOX anchors see it? They are either dumb or are part of it. Now they are playing dumb like it never happened.

I think they are trying to be liked by everyone, but it doesn’t work that way. I’ve been defending them for twenty years among friends and family. They call them Faux News. You can’t imagine what the left says about their anchors? Horrible things. I left Thanksgiving in tears one night around 2003 after my brother in law slung some insulting remarks about Hannity and anyone that follows him, meaning me. The left will never like FOX and now the right is fed up with them. FOX is the new John Roberts. You are either conservative or not, you can’t be both. You lose the respect of your viewers when you act like that. We felt like the loyal girlfriend who got dumped by her longtime boyfriend at the senior prom. It’s not a good feeling.

At least with CNN we know where we stand, and they aren’t trying to get conservative viewers and never will. The crying anchors though is a little over the top. FOX was playing both sides of the fence and fell off. When Sandra dismissively asked, “What is she talking about?” when a conservative was telling her the facts of voter fraud, it looked so meangirlish if not willfully ignorant. They obviously have made some sort of pact to take Trump down. I hear he may start his own news network to compete with FOX if he loses. That in itself would be awesome, although Newsmax is doing a great job right now.

These anchors are supposed to be journalists. I’ve found out more information on my own than they have in a week. They don’t seem to be inquisitive at all. But it boils down to the owners of FOX that are big libs that like climate change initiatives. They want the Green New Steal and the anchors want to keep their jobs. So they sold their soul to the devil in order to keep their jobs. No integrity.

So let’s just call a duck “a duck” already and admit that there’s voter fraud, FOX, then maybe, and only then, can you redeem some of your viewers back. Stand up to your bosses. Otherwise you’ll join the group of irredeemables. Welcome to the party.