Democrats and Media Covering For and Even Praising Biden.

Some even gushing over Biden’s helm at the presidency. What??? Who do they think they’re kidding? It is becoming outright hard to watch. Do we believe our lying eyes and ears or believe these lying news anchors who have been bribed and or threatened by the White House to praise Biden? I think we should believe our eyes. Biden is a cognitive mess and no gushing from The View and their dimwitted audience can change our minds.

We’ve all known that the Democrat Party is in bed with the MSM but this is getting ludacris. We’ve all known they spent five years trying to take down Trump and still are with the Jan 6th biased committee. Led by Hillary and Comey to begin with and now Biden and Nancy and their cronies, they are fearful Trump has maintained his popularity and will sweep the next election. So what better way to change the people’s minds than to outright lie to them about Biden. Biden’s doing a wonderful job! He’s a great leader and manager of the country! He has accomplished so much in such a short time! All bullshit.

But this is the tactic they are going to use from now until WE take back the HOUSE. Rumors of Trump being appointed as Speaker of the House has me excited. And it’s legal. What a wonderful payback that would be to Schumer, Nancy, AOC, the Squad, Swalwell, and the rest of their sycophants. They would be dropping like flies. Trump could initiate Impeachment Hearings on Biden’s involvement with Hunter for selling influence to the president and while he was VP.

“The mainstream media such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and others in the United States have chosen their sides,” our friends at TIPP Insights wrote a week ago. “The sides they have chosen are indiscriminately left-leaning. These outlets will stop essentially at nothing in their zeal to be the acting voice pieces of the Democratic Party.”

It’s a good thing that people increasingly recognize the media’s mendacity and refusal to reform their systematic bias.

It’s one thing to influence coverage, another to do so secretly, keeping your readers out of the loop.

The idea of the media strategizing with the government to tell the public lies or slant the news is sickening, a voluntary relinquishing of their First Amendment rights. It’s also a betrayal of their obligations to their readers, who expect the truth from journalists, not biased spin.” I & I Editorial

The Democrats also have criminals on the street doing their dirty work like Smollett and the arsonist who burned down the FOX News Christmas Tree. You don’t think this tree was chosen at random by this thug, do you? No, he is doing the bidding for the Democrat Party and was released without bail after destroying a $500,000 Christmas Tree and endangering the lives of firefighters. The MSM is happy about it. Next it will be the FOX News building and them rejoicing. This is where we are headed. Democrats don’t get held accountable for any of their dirty deeds. Not even the planning of the January 6th set up of Trump.

More proof we are living in a two-tiered justice system. One for the conservatives and another for the left. Conservatives get jailed indefinitely for God knows what and leftists are released the same day without bail for destruction of property, attempted murder, arson, illegal entry into the U.S., lootings, bank robberies, muggings, carjacking, and home invasions. All released and told to return at a later date. Makes no sense. Be assured that if the Christmas tree arsonist was a white Trump supporter, he’d be locked up with no bail until his trial.

So when you see news anchors and even Cramer from the CNBC business channel channeling the White House, you’ll know what’s going on. Someone from the White House got to them. This is what they do. Cramer wants our government to behave in a Gestapo-like fashion, forcing every citizen to get vaccinated.

“In the early 1930s, political policing remained tied to local governments. Thus, it was subject to local power struggles. By the end of 1936, however, the Nazi regime had created a strong, centralized political police force under SS leader Heinrich Himmler. This political police force was the Gestapo.” Holocaust Encyclopedia.

Sounds very similar to where we are heading today under Fauci, DeBlasio, and Biden’s mandates.