Wallace is Dragging Down FOX News.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

He’s dead weight right now. FOX News ratings are dropping faster than Harvey Weinstein’s trousers at a casting call and they better do something fast or they’ll be last in the ratings soon. Wallace is dragging them down.

He had levelheaded Rand Paul on his show for an interview and tried to convince him that Trump incited the violence at the Capitol that the FBI said was planned weeks ahead. He played one line from Trump’s speech, “We need to fight and fight like hell.” That was all Wallace needed to hear to be convinced that Trump incited the break in at the Capitol building.

Little does Wallace know that the word fight is used by lawyers, doctors, and just about every political campaign speech I’ve ever heard. Fight cancer, fight for freedom, fight for you, and fight for Trump is a standard refrain we’ve all heard. It doesn’t mean literally fighting, but Wallace isn’t smart enough to know that. Or he must think his viewing audience is stupid. Actual threats of bodily harm have been used by Schumer, Maxine, Holder, Obama, Kammie, AOC, Booker, and, yes, Biden himself who wants to beat the hell out of Trump behind the gym. It’s not insurrection but they should all be investigated. When Nancy was once asked what she thought of the tearing down statues and looting by BLM, she answered, “People will do, what people do.” Destruction of property didn’t seem to bother her then.

FOX keeps Wallace on but instead they pull Lou Dobbs Show. Lou Dobbs? Everyone loves Lou Dobbs. Who the hell is running FOX? These liberal Murdock wives need to join a sewing circle or reading club and let their husbands do their jobs. They know nothing about politics or running a news network. FOX was leading in the ratings until election night when they called the Arizona race early for Biden but held back some of Trump’s states. Trump really won Arizona if the courts had taken the case. The election analysts were NeverTrumpers and apparently some of their anchors on that night were too.


Tomorrow is the start of the Sham Impeachment. A second bite of the apple. First one didn’t stick. This one is just a smokescreen to get the public’s eye off of the stolen election just like the breach at the Capitol was. The breach was a setup on Trump. Nancy organized it as she knew the election was stolen and didn’t want to hear the arguments. It’s also to take the eye off of the extravagant spending bill the Democrats are trying to force onto us.


I’m not a big football fan but usually watch the Super Bowl. The halftime show was weird. Who were those goofy bandaged red-jacket dancers? What was that all about? Did I miss something? Were they a takeoff from a movie I missed? They looked as though they had come from a plastic surgeon. Wasn’t sexy at all. I miss when they used to have a live band or a wardrobe malfunction at least. PC has even ruined halftime entertainment. The left is removing genders from entertainment too. The ads were too confusing. Celebrities appearing but not really noticeable. I think advertising has gone downhill. Ads just don’t make sense or the ad agencies’ sense of humor is missing. I did like the scissor hand commercial. That was clever.

Most ads that appeared had a person of color or was dominated by persons of color as though Whites are the minority now. That’s just how it appeared to me. Maybe I missed some of them. I know ad agencies have to be politically correct and probably have a bunch of pajama boys working there, but they’re going overboard, IMO.

Something funny is going on. Are they trying to make Whites look like the minority like they’re trying to erase Trump from the history books? Or as Biden is trying to take away all Trump’s rights as a former president? First removing Trump from receiving intelligence briefings citing that he is irrational and radical and may say something. What’s next cancelling his secret service protection? The Democrats want total control of what the public hears. They are acting like a dictatorship.

Congrats to Tom Brady and the Tampa team.