Trump Was Right About Wuhan Lab Leak.

Wuhan Lab Leaked like a faucet.

What else will turn out to be true now that Trump has left office? Amazing how this works. Avoid looking into anything that Trump suggests, but then investigate it after he is out of office. In fact, there was an investigation ongoing into the Wuhan Lab virus leak when Biden took office, but he suspiciously ended it. Hmmmm, I see a pattern emerging. Let’s do a trip down Memory Lane on what the press called fringe conspiracy theories whenever Trump suggested them.

Hunter’s laptop comes to mind. The press and social media buried the story calling it Russian disinformation prior to the election along with the FBI; but amazingly now, we find that the laptop does exist and is filled with incriminating emails. But there have been no charges filed. And Trump was right when he said Biden committed quid pro quo with Ukraine, but no one credits him with that truism. They collectively committed election interference. Trump was right.

The effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Zpack has suddenly been discovered to be an effective therapeutic drug for covid if used early on. Just like Trump suggested. But the press turned governors and doctors against it and was not allowed to be prescribed. They even falsely claimed Trump was invested in HCQ. But Trump was right.

Trump’s border wall and immigration polices were effective but the press and the Democrats never gave him credit. Now it looks like Trump was right again as the wall is not being built nor surveilled by Border Control, policies ended, and we have a major crisis on our hands. Trump was right again.

Trump suggested over a year ago that businesses, schools, and restaurants should reopen safely but again the press and some governors ridiculed him. He said shutdowns would hurt the economy and the children irreparably, but they pooh-poohed his advice. Some red states followed his advice and have not endured such hardships. But look where we’re at in New York, California, and Washington state. Trump was right.

Trump suggested the national guard needed to go into some cities to stop rioting by antifa and BLM, but he got rebuked by liberal mayors and governors who are now desperate for help. The rioting didn’t stop once Trump left office but has taken a stronghold in some cities who just look for an excuse to tear up the town. The police didn’t enforce current laws and are now paying the price. They should have allowed the help from the national guard like Trump suggested a year ago, but the press and Democrats called antifa and BLM peaceful demonstrators. Trump was right.

Trump was telling the truth when he said he did not collude with Russia. Hillary, on the other hand, asked the FBI for a smokescreen called Russia collusion to take the heat off of her destroying subpoenaed evidence. Did the press apologize for four years of accusations and a needless and costly Mueller Probe? Of course not, as they were in on the hoax. But again Trump was right.

Trump once said he’d get a vaccine approval before the 2020 election. He was scoffed at and made fun of by the press for months. But again Trump was right. It was approved prior to the election but Pfizer purposely held it back until right after the election. They committed election interference. But Trump’s prediction was true. Did he get credit for Warp Speed approval? Of course, not. Biden tried to take credit.

Trump was also right about not inciting the breach of the capitol but the press hasn’t come around to that story yet. That will take some time. In fact, they are doubling down on that lie.

Also Trump was right that the election was rigged. This will take some time before the crooked media admits to collusion with the Democrats. But at least they see now that Trump does tell the truth and that his instincts are usually correct. It just takes a while before it is believed. Eventually the Democrats will admit to election fraud and treat it as a badge of honor that they got away with it. They can’t help themselves to act smug and admit to it.

So you see, Trump’s claims, predictions, and suggestions will eventually be proven true and the false stories debunked. It will just take time. In the meantime, the press will continue to call them fringe conspiracy theories from the right. 74 million folks can’t all be wrong.