We’re Outnumbered by Lawless Politicians Running our Country.

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There is so much evil going on in our country right now right under our noses that I fear we cannot get out from under their spell. We never see it coming. Who knew Bitcoin was a ponzie scheme to help the Democrats win elections? How do we not know this ahead of time? Who in the Republican Party oversees these things and how did they miss it? We are too trusting.

Money Laundering 101.

1. Foreign aid goes to Ukraine.

2. Ukraine invests in $FTX

3. $FTX donates back to the Democratic Party.

4. Case closed. Ukraine meddled in our election.

No wonder Biden has been giving so much money to Ukraine. It wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart, it was another one of his laundering schemes. The only thing the old codger is good at. No wonder he never cared if Russia went to war with Ukraine. He saw it as another opportunity to cheat in the midterms. Never let a crisis go to waste. Ukraine leaders have also been investing in property in Switzerland using our foreign aid money.

We let Soros, Zuckerberg, Twitter, and now some GenZ’r, aptly named Bankman-Fried, who is the son of a Stanford Professor take over our election system. Yes, our election was stolen again by the crafty Democrats. We can’t compete with their evilness as they never get prosecuted for their crimes. If they do get indicted, the juries let them off. If we did anything similar, there’d be arrests galore just like they did to the January 6th trespassers and all of Trump’s colleagues. In fact, they’re still coming for Trump in the January 6th commission and New York’s District Attorney.

The 2020 election had the help of Zuckerbuck’s drop boxes and paid ballot stuffers across the nation. Now we have a younger billionaire who bilked money from mostly Hollywood and other stupid investors to invest in an abstract form of money which never made sense. When something doesn’t make sense, it usually is senseless.

“As part of their marketing efforts, the parent companies of FTX and FTX US in September 2021 signed Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry to a long-term promotional partnership, providing the NBA star an equity stake in FTX.19

In August 2021, the same companies announced a long-term promotional partnership with venture capitalist and television personality Kevin O’Leary providing the “Shark Tank” host equity stakes in FTX and FTX US along with pay in cryptocurrency.20

Per FTX’s website, the company “is proud to partner with the world’s most exciting teams, properties, and heroes of their trade to amplify crypto education, involvement, and community impact”. As of September 2022, additional partnerships included Major League Baseball, FTX Arena and the Miami Heat, Shaquille O’Neal, and FTX Field (University of California-Berkeley).” Wikipedia.

These types above are influencing our elections. Basketball players, universities, and tv celebrities. When are we going to stop huge amounts of money from being invested in candidates? There should be a limit of $5,000 from donors. Now Hollywood is investing in Georgia runoff election to the tune of millions against Walker. We shouldn’t be choosing a candidate by the amount of money given to his campaign but rather by his qualities. One of the reason I liked Trump, as he financed his first campaign as he didn’t want to be beholden to any companies or people. Money buys votes and the Dems know how to do it. Just look at Biden’s failed college loan forgiveness promise. It bought many votes even though it was deemed unconstitutional and will never happen. Reminds me of the lie Harry Reid told about Romney then after he lost Reid said, “Well, it worked didn’t it.” That’s how evil the Dems are.

I’m not sure if taking over the House and kicking corrupt Nancy to the curb is enough to combat the evil going on right under our noses in government. We’ll be spending the next two years investigating and having the media mock us 24/7. Whether we investigate or not, or indict or not, a Democrat never gets found guilty in Washington. The Democrat juries make sure of that. So you see, we are outnumbered by lawless politicians, elected officials, and even juries.

Until we pass election reform on the federal level like Voter ID, same day voting, paper ballots only, no mail in ballots unless requested due to illness or out of town, no ballot harvesting, limit to donations, and equal poll watchers and ballot counters from both parties, we cannot expect our elections to be fair. Laxalt and Lake were winning on election night before the ballot dumps. Ballots coming in after election day have to be disqualified. Full stop. Some states have made it easy to cheat and hard to vote. We need a recount in Nevada and Arizona as I suspect the voting machines were flipping votes and most were not even valid ballots. If something smells fishy, it’s usually fish.

Good luck to the House for getting to the bottom of all the lawlessness going on in the Democrat Party. Let’s expose Biden for who he really is. Not just a senile old man, but a corrupt politician who is compromised as he’s selling out our country to China. Forget about choosing a candidate now for 2024. There’s no sense in discussing the next election when we’ve been snookered out of the last two. It’s a fool’s errand. Fix what is broken in our election system already!