Speculation Over New Supreme Court Justice Has Got Dems Shakin’ in Their Boots.

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They’re already warning that Trump can’t pick the next Supreme Court Justice during an election year. Here’s why he can and will:  This is Trump’s first term.  He plans on winning in 2020. He wants to pick a Supreme Court Justice that determines cases according to the U.S. Constitution not ideology.

“Elections have consequences” as once famously said by Obama; and Trump’s still president.  Republicans have control of the Senate and will gladly approve of another conservative pick.  Obama was on the way out the door after two terms and losing the House and the Senate. He had no clout.  Most likely a conservative was going to win as president, that’s why Obama’s pick was ignored by McConnell.

I wish Ginsburg well, but she sounds like she’s in for a battle in her final days. But the next pick by Trump could be in for an equally difficult battle of a different sort with the far left Democrats.  They will tear him (or her) limb from limb.  It’ll be ugly.  Uglier than Kavanaugh’s hearing with the Democrat’s dirty shenanigans. No telling what lies they’ll turn up on the next candidate. I weep for that person’s family. Personally, I’d pick Ted Cruz.  He’s been vetted and has the legal command of language to argue any case.

The SCOTUS maintains that the 86-year-old woman is in good health despite repeated serious health complications for the liberal-leaning justice who Democrats fear will ultimately be replaced by President Donald Trump, giving the high court a conservative majority to rule for generations to come. NWO Report

The Democrats are saying their prayers that Ginsberg will outlive the next election and they’ll be able to win back the presidency and choose the next justice.  It’s wishful thinking.  But they need more than prayers.  They need a miracle.  In the meantime, they’re shakin’ in their boots at the thought of a conservative court for generations to come.  That’s why candidates have been running on “packing the court” with up to fifteen justices. When they can’t win, they cheat or change the rules to suit themselves.

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Wishing Ruth Ginsburg a speedy recovery.  In the meantime, she should spend precious time with her family and let someone else carry the heavy workload her job entails.