Frozen Wind Turbines and Solar Panels Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

Frozen wind turbines in Texas.

Due to a recent ice storm that tore across the nation, many states have found that the left’s plans to make us totally independent from fossil fuels is nothing more than folly. These devices only work in fair weather, not extreme. And they don’t store up energy for snowy, icy days. When you go full on solar or wind you end up with no electricity in your home and could freeze to death.

This happened in Texas where they were relying predominately on wind power trying go green in order to appease the left. The more states that go green, the more problems they’ll have like this. The whole purpose of green energy was to save the planet and save lives. How does freezing to death save lives? It doesn’t. But you’ll feel good about yourself while you’re people are dying.

Now what about the vehicles that need to be plugged in to operate? With power being out, no energy for your vehicle to get out of dodge if you wanted to. The unintended consequences of these green energy programs is that they make their mayors and governors feel good, but they don’t work in extreme weather. And their whole purpose is to end extreme weather. Ironic. The point is we have always had extreme weather off and on over the years that cause a myriad of disasters. No amount of green programs will stop extreme weather. Just like there’s nothing to prevent earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes, and meteors. These phenomena just happen. We can’t control the weather like we can’t control God. And therein lies the problem.

The left doesn’t believe in God. They don’t think The Man Upstairs controls our weather. He is The Man Upstairs after all. Why wouldn’t He control the weather? We don’t even know for sure if carbon emissions have had an effect on our weather patterns because the models that the scientists use are fudged in order to obtain grants from the government to keep them all in business. It has become too politicized.

All this global warming scare started after Al Gore lost for president. It was his movie that brainwashed our children in college. He did it to make money and punish us all at the same time while the hypocrite flies around in his private jet with John Kerry and live in their 10,000 sf homes. Sure we had air pollution prior to Al Gore’s movie, but we started correcting that back in the 70s with air pollution devices on factory smokestacks and smog checks on cars. Al was late to the party. Los Angeles’ air quality has gotten much better.

We need oil, fracking, gas, pipelines, nuclear, and the coal industry in conjunction with green energy in order to save lives. O’Biden is wrong and We the People have to let him know, legally. Not in the streets like the far left radicals, but in the courtroom. Sue the heck out of the O’Biden Administration.

“It is sad and ironic that in a state known for its huge petroleum and natural gas resources, the lack of reliability of wind power has brought the state to its knees in a time of crisis, not unlike that which California experienced in 2020 during record heat where wind and solar power could not keep up with demand and was near collapse.

The folly of chasing renewable energy as a means of mitigating “climate change” is making itself abundantly clear today in Texas. When will politicians wake up and realize that renewable energy almost always equates to unreliable energy?” Watt’s Up With That?

What happened in Texas this week is just the tip of the iceberg of what could happen if we went full on solar and wind power. We will be setting ourselves up for a disaster in the form of extreme heat in our homes or freezing to death. And there’s always the chance of going to war with countries that hate us in order to get the oil that we secretly need but choose not to produce any longer. We were energy independent until O’Biden came along.