Goodbye Mr. President…

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you will be sorely missed. You accomplished more in 4 years than most presidents in 8, and you kept your promises. The only promise you didn’t keep was: “We’ll never be a Socialist Country” but not for your lack of trying. It’s hard to beat corruption.

It must have been hard to leave a job that you were so successful at, especially with no former experience as a politician. This was, in fact, your undoing. Politicians in D.C. couldn’t stand the fact that you had the courage to implement many things that other presidents failed at, like moving the embassy in Israel. They all promised, but none had the courage. Your success was your undoing.

Also, in a town of dirty politics, you didn’t fit in. You were not dirty enough. You’re too good for Washington D.C. which is filled with invisible swamp dwellers like in The Predator. You don’t know who they are or when they’ll show their true colors, like McConnell. Wow! You governed by the constitution and never broke the rules. D.C. wasn’t used to that and, therefore, became increasingly jealous of you especially the media. The names the left has called you and your family are reprehensible. Their favorite name was white supremacist and racist which we all know is laughable as you did more for the blacks than any previous president. Therein lies the rub. That bugged them so much that they had to conspire to have you removed. Never underestimate the power of jealousy especially from Hillary who paid for the Steel dossier and Biden who suggested the Logan Act to remove General Flynn.

Huckabee said is best yesterday in a interview. The awful way they treated Trump and his family is nothing more than extreme jealousy of them. They couldn’t match Trump’s accomplishments so they had to bring him down to their level. Makes sense to me. My husband says jealousy is a childish word, but there aren’t that many replacements for it. Envious, resentful, covetous, maybe, but they all mean the same. They were green with envy for what Trump was able to do with little experience and coveted his success. They were also jealous of Melania’s grace and beauty as a First Lady so had to pick on her to bring her down to their level. It never worked. She never took the bait.

I’m not going to go through a litany of Trump’s accomplishments as president as it is too long. I think his main legacy will be bringing back the economy from the edge of an abyss and traditional values like Christmas and respecting our National Anthem at games.

This disgusted the left, so they had to bring back the kneeling and painting of BLM after George Floyd’s unfortunate death. Again, not Trump’s fault. But never let a crisis go to waste. In fact, jump on a crisis and run with it to make it more than it really was. Just like the pandemic was not Trump’s fault, but the left turned it into a year-long shutdown of companies and mail in ballots. Two of my sons have not been in their offices in eleven months. It is a disgrace. China was involved in some shady bioweapon research in their labs funded by the Obama Administration that needs to end. Maybe they’ll let their buddy Biden send some investigators in. Most of the evidence and scientists are long gone (literally), however, so we’ll never know the truth.

My biggest disappointment was the media and the way they reported 90% negative news on Trump and buried any positive stories. Yesterday, they didn’t even cover his final departing speech on MSM. I’m sure they will be fawning over Biden for as long as he holds office like they did with Obama. Reason why? The press are all Democrats. There isn’t much positive to fawn over Kammie but they’ll find it. Yesterday they called Senator Stefani a childless woman at age 35. Well…Kammie is childless at age 50. So you see the press is mean and ruthless when it comes to Republicans and treat Democrats with respect. This is the way it is. And will never change.

Goodbye Mr. President. You held the office with grace and dignity more so than previous presidents in modern history. You kept us out of foreign wars and ended the threat from ISIS and North Korea. You forged many peace agreements in the Middle East and enacted the Warp Speed Program allowing for many vaccines to be approved in record time. Thank you.

You will undoubtedly go down as the most underappreciated and most falsely maligned president in history. Some Americans have been ungrateful and some downright dishonest during the election and will get their comeuppance. But Congress has been outright vengeful and vindictive. You didn’t deserve that treatment but just know that 74 million plus Americans think you won in a landslide but were unable to be allowed to prove it. Washington doesn’t deserve you. You’re too good for them. They deserve who they got, Biden.

Goodbye Mr. President.