Why Do Hollywood and Liberals Get Duped by Phonies…

Photo by Paul Deetman on Pexels.com

and phony movements like defund the police, BLM, Antifa, Cuomo, Newsom, Avenatti, Greta Thunberg, Balsey Ford, Swetnick, Buttegeig, Comey, McCabe, Kammie, and even our current president yet are dismissive of honest people like Senators Hawley, Cruz, and Paul? They fawn over these darlings of the media and put them on a pedestal so much that they get Emmy Awards, Pulitzer Prizes, Nobel Peace Prizes, and covers of magazines. What’s next, naming Hunter Biden the Person of the Year? I wouldn’t put it past Time Magazine.

Hollywood and the media are so easily duped. Why is that? We can all see through these phonies, if not criminals, from the get go; but they can’t. Why? Is it only because they all voiced a hate for Trump or climate change and that made them worthy of being desired?

Cuomo has blamed everyone but himself for the death of thousands of residents of nursing homes in New York. He even blamed the deceased! But the only person responsible is Governor Cuomo who placed them there. Trump even had a hospital ship brought into help with the overflow of patients with covid and a tent city built by the feds but they remained unused. So the blame all goes to mob boss Cuomo. But Hollywood gives him an award. Amazing.

Why is Hollywood so gullible? They are always on the wrong side of history. They and the fake news were on the wrong side of the Russia Collusion hoax, the Ukraine phone call sham, the Kavanaugh witch hunt, the Jussie Smollet Hoax, the Bubba Wallace scare, the Charlottesville lie, defunding the police, the stolen election, and the Capitol Breach. They will be on the wrong side of climate change, but we won’t know for twelve years according to AOC. They can’t even consider another side of a story. It’s their way or the highway. They bite hook, line, and sinker then blame Trump, racism, xenophobia, and white supremacy for just about everything with the help of the fake news. One reality show host actually said one of the stars was on the wrong side of history for not supporting Black Lives Matter. Who the hell is he to say what is the right side of history? So arrogant. So you see, Hollywood is messed up.

When was the birth of “police abuse” which is prevalent today and spreading? Answer: When cops got buckets of water thrown on them in New York City by teenagers and they were not arrested. That was the birth of “police abuse” then the “defund the police” movement was born after the George Floyd incident. Throwing water on the police escalated into trampling and burning their vehicles. It’s Parenting 101. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. And they have. We can blame DeBlasio and Cuomo for the birth of police abuse.

This mistreatment of police spread to other cities and was the birth of Antifa which also got away with abusing the police. Shipments of bricks would mysteriously show up for use as flying projectiles at the police. They burned down a police headquarters and other government buildings but were never accused of sedition or insurrection like Trump is being accused. In fact, none of these felons are behind bars thanks to the lenient courts and libs who bail them out. Some even showed up at the Capitol to place pipe bombs the day before the breach and to incite violence the day of. So no speech incited the violence. The courts release the leftists and keep the conservatives jailed. It’s a national joke.

Who started the current “stand down” orders given to the military and police? Answer: Obama. Obama told a Naval Ship to stand down when getting seized by Iranian soldiers. This was after the stand down order in Benghazi. Both made us look weak in the eyes of the world. But that’s how Obama governed; we cowered in fear, then surrendered. This way of reacting spread to our liberal governors and mayors like in Seattle and Portland. Keep in mind, these mayors turned down help from the National Guard saying they incite violence; similarly when the D.C. Police asked for help on January 6th, someone turned it down. Now Biden is using the National Guard and walls to protect the Capitol every day and that doesn’t incite violence? Amazing how this works. If Biden asks for protection, that’s good; when Trump did, that’s bad.

When Hollywood and liberals can finally spot a phony for a phony instead of being enamored with them maybe we can all unite together. Until then, we will be divided. Notice how fast they dumped Avenatti and Harvey Weinstein once they got arrested? I suspect it takes an arrest to get them to open their eyes and dump their current darling of the media; until then, they will be opinion guests on CNN. I’d love to see Comey, Ford, Brennan, Clapper, and McCabe arrested for lying under oath or Cuomo for negligent manslaughter, and Greta for truancy, but I won’t hold my breath. ;>)

I even saw discredited and shamed former FBI Agent and lover Peter Strzok being interviewed for his opinion on white supremacy! Are you kidding me? Shouldn’t this philanderer and conspirator be behind bars already? Where is Chris Wray? Where is Durham? This fawning over criminals and phonies needs to end. It’s making us all sick. We’ve seen enough!