Is This What Global Warming Looks Like?

California’s Global Warming of the Sierras.

As I drove through the Sierra Mountains leaving California, I had to wonder if this is what global warming looks like? I know the libs tried to change the name to “climate change”, but I’ve driven through this climate change every couple of years and it’s beginning to look a lot like weather or what we used to call Winter. Could it just be winter? Skiers and snowboarders were heading back to California from a New Year’s vacation of skiing like they’ve been doing for fifty years. I wonder what they call it? I know. They’ve called it a freak storm, worst in history. Trust me. It’s not. People have short memories.

Frankly, this snowfall is the same as it was when I was a skier. The roads were impossible to drive home on after a weekend of skiing, and they haven’t gotten much better–just our cars have. Highway 50 over the summit will always be the same: sheer cliffs on one side and a vertical drop off of the other that no car could survive if it slid off the road. But we live our lives to enjoy our lives. We don’t want to hunker down inside our homes waiting for the politicized covid and climate change to go away. We live with it. Amazingly, the skies were blue with no smog; and the mountain air was free of covid. Enjoy it. Breathe it in. Don’t hide in your home.

The covidcrats (which I’m calling them now because that’s all they have left to hang their hat on) are obsessed with vaccines, boosters, quarantines, testing, and masks. It’s all they talked about over the holidays. I was sick of it and glad to drive home after a blizzard to get away from all their hot air. Maybe their hot air is what is causing all the wildfires in the Sierras. Could be.

I stopped at a convenience store in Strawberry and accidentally left my mask in the car. I was greeted by the checker and I said, “Oh no, I forgot my mask.” She waved her hand and said, “That’s okay.” This is where we should be at in the Bay Area about now, but we’re not. We get called out the second we enter a store. It’s rude and, frankly, unscientific as they now say cloth masks are ineffective as the vaccines seem to be. The covid vaccines aren’t really vaccines; they are flu shots. Vaccines are what we got for polio, measles, and the mumps.

If we catch covid, we catch it. We do have to live with this annoying virus until it dissipates which I predict will be around the time all the snow melts in Tahoe. This time for real as it has spread across the nation now and mutated over and over. It’s about done. But watch for the Biden administration to keep it alive through the midterms with fearmongering at a fever pitch.

Happy skiing! Drive safe! Watch out for drivers filming while driving. Don’t try this.