NYC and DC Are Nimby’s–Not in My Backyard!

Not in this backyard!

It’s okay for tens of thousands of illegal aliens to be dumped on cities in Arizona and Texas; but the second Governor Abbott buses them to NYC or DC, the mayors of these cities claim they have a crisis on their hands and want the National Guard to come in. No shit, Sherlock. Welcome to the party. How’s your own medicine taste? Not so good.

But doofus Biden refuses to approve the National Guard as the optics wouldn’t look good, The White House would look uncompassionate, cruel, or racist like they used to call Trump and that is out of the question. They’d rather have the National Guard sleeping in cold basements on the floor than protecting your city from vagrants. So the mayors will continue to complain, the governors will bus, and the border crisis continues.

Until the border is really closed and secure like the head of Homeland Security claims, this will continue. When interviewing the new residents of NYC, they have taken the treacherous journey from Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras at Biden’s request. He is luring them to our country with promises of freedom, cash, welfare, and accommodations mainly in red states! And these illegals are well dressed and healthy looking. What will they become in America other than welfare recipients, criminals, or homeless? It is immigrant abuse at its worst. Trading their dignity for votes.

Yesterday Biden gave another Trump-bashing speech on the economy and how Trump failed at everything including allowing some companies to take advantage of covid government money. This is calling the kettle black in plain sight. He is obsessed with Trump’s success. If anyone is getting duped by fake victims of covid, it is Biden. Some are still sitting home in fear of covid and getting paid from the government. He’s rewarding fathers up to twelve thousand a year on their tax return just because they didn’t marry the mother of their child. But they live as a couple. It’s a sham and he’s falling for it. Biden incentivizes amoral behavior wherever he goes as he’s been doing it for years and is in good company. And he punishes those that follow traditional values. And he ran on bringing dignity and soul back to the White House. Laughable.

Let’s take away doofus Biden’s power by taking back the House and the Senate this November!