The United States is at a Precipice.

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There are fires burning everywhere and we are in turmoil. All this could have been avoided if Biden hadn’t been “installed” as president by the Deep State. I listen to the news and the repetitiveness and purposeful avoidance of the elephant in the room seems to be the refrain. It drives me crazy.

Biden is the cause of all our problems. We never had them before. Let’s start calling a spade a spade and quit walking on eggshells. His incessant mask and vaccine mandates, his hate for oil and gasoline cars, his hate of white people, his hate of conservatives, his constant printing of money to give out willy-nilly, his compromised shady business dealings with Russia, China, and Ukraine, his love for transgenders, his hate for Trump, his need for power, and his vindictive nature all rolled up together have left us vulnerable on the world stage to an attack like Ukraine is experiencing right now.

As we sit back and watch Canadian truckers getting arrested by a dictator, Ukraine being invaded by a dictator, Taiwan being threatened by a dictator, our borders being invaded with a weak leader who turns a blind eye, our inflation rising to record levels, heating costs and deficit rising, children being forced to wear masks in school and in sports, American truckers in a convoy heading to D.C., we wonder to ourselves, what can we do to stop all this insanity? We are powerless.

The answer is simple: impeach Biden ASAP and his cohort, Kamala for failure to uphold their oath of office. “Install” our own new president. Biden regime has broken all constitutional rules, so why don’t we do the same? Right now we look like bystanders watching everything that means something to us being taken away. The green new deal is behind much of what is going on. Climate change is behind much of what is going on. Political correctness is behind much of what is going on. Covid fear is behind much of what is going on. Wokeness is behind much of what is going on. But these are all made up problems, i.e., self-inflicted wounds. We need to pull out the knife, put on a tourniquet, and stop the bleeding ASAP before we head to a precipice and fall into the abyss, never to return.

And don’t be surprised that Biden, and his scorched Earth method of leadership, puts us in World War III. He has nothing to lose. He knows he’s dying from dementia. He knows he’s falling in the polls. He wants to leave his mark in the history books either way–good or bad. He doesn’t care. He’s always been on the wrong side of history. What would stop him now?

He is the elephant in the room that the media fails to point out. In fact, the media is pulling out retreads of Trump hoaxes. They are running scared so are deflecting from the elephant in the room, Biden. He, and he alone, has the power to reverse all that is going wrong, but he won’t. Why? Because he’s self-loathing and misery loves company. Impeach this old kook before he pushes us into the abyss.


What’s Really Killing the Capitol Riot Police?

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Is it really suicide, if so, why not share the details? Was it by gun, poison, overdose, alcohol, slashed wrists, hanging, drowning? How did these cops die? I’m beginning to wonder as five now have died post riot and zero died day of the riot despite what lyin’ Biden is saying. Something is up. Is it just a coincidence that they’ve all met their fate? Freud doesn’t like coincidences, neither do I.

I beginning to wonder if they knew too much about the plans for the riot and were talking. Silenced by murder again? Were they fired and forced to sign a NDA? The government will never tell us that. The feigned morose gathering yesterday at the White House for these fallen cops was over the top as they never seem to care about the cops killed in the line of duty. Now it seems suicide is more commendable way for a cop to die. They made much more of the riot than it really was yesterday as usual trying to keep it in the minds of the people. But why?

Why must we continue to have a simple riot where no one died except for an innocent Trump supporter put in our faces daily? It wasn’t a sneak attack like Pearl Harbor, World Trade Center, the Oklahoma bombing, Arora movie theatre massacre, assassination of JFK, Columbine school shooting, Parkland School shooting, Las Vegas massacre, and many others where 100’s died like sitting ducks without warning.

The FBI had full warning that agitators were going to do something yet they allowed the Capitol police to remove the barriers and let demonstrators inside the capitol while important electoral votes were getting contested in some of the states. If anything, the powers at be (Nancy) wanted to put a halt to the proceedings as they were going in Trump’s favor. Biden compared the riot outside the capitol to the Civil War which is getting totally blown out of proportion. Not one protestor was armed with a firearm. Again, no one was shot that day except for a lone, unarmed Trump supporter in the neck and this administration does not want to investigate her murder.

And what’s up with the new tattooed darling of the left that testified at the Riot Commission? He was an undercover FBI agent out of standard uniform or badges but is now donning the cover of TIME Magazine. Wait until the dirt comes out on his involvement in the riot. The left will have egg on their faces again. They just don’t know how to pick ’em.

Yesterdays sham of a gathering to honor the fallen cops was nothing more than another staged diversion from what is going down at our borders and the failure of this administration in handling covid. Complete and utter failure. Biden and Kammie should be impeached for dereliction of duty: failure to protect our citizens from covid infected invaders at our border. Some brave sole in the House should come up with Articles of Impeachment already. It’s about time. This combined with CRT and mask mandates on children are another reason to impeach. It’s dereliction of the duties he swore on the Bible to withhold under our constitution.