Impeachment Witnesses: “Heard It Through the Grapevine.”

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“Don’tcha know that I heard it through the grapevine
That Ukraine’s aid could be declined
Oh, I heard it through the grapevine
And I’m just about to lose my mind

Honey, honey, yeah
(I heard it through the grapevine)
(Ukraine’s aid could be declined, baby, ooh)

I know a man ain’t supposed to cry
But Marie is willing to try 
Losin’ again would end my life you see
‘Cause it means that much to me
You could have told us yourself
But you confided with someone else
Instead I heard it through the grapevine
That Ukraine’s aid could be declined.”

And this is why the diplomats have their panties in a wad because they weren’t privy to Trump’s Ukraine policy plans. Trump never called them.  So far all the witnesses have no first hand knowledge of anything regarding Trump’s phone call with Ukraine.  Just hearsay from a friend of a friend of a colleague. So why do we have to continue this charade?  Because Schiff and Nancy are both crazy.

Schiff admitted he’s part of the Resistance (started by Hillary) and wants to send this charlatan back to his golden throne. Charlatan is a conman, a fake, an imposter. And we all know what he means by golden throne. I’m sure he wasn’t referring to a King’s throne. He’s a nasty man.  So this is what they’ll try to impeach Trump on now–being an imposter?

Quid pro quo didn’t work, bribery was hard to explain without stumbling on your words so now it’s going to be “imposter in the White House.” A charlatan because he stole the election from Hillary.  They must sit around coming up with their next buzzword of the week for impeachment.

Impeachment is not the answer to an election that doesn’t go your way, Nancy. There has to be a reason for impeachment. Nancy says Trump knows that he is an imposter in the White House. She also says what Trump has done is worse than Nixon.  She needs to go back to history class.  Trump hasn’t been involved in a burglary of the DNC nor destroying evidence.  That would be Hillary.  Trump was just making a standard phone call to another head of state to congratulate him on his election and other “small talk” about our 2016 election and interference from Ukraine–not Russia. So you see, everything they’re guilty of, they try to pin on Trump like Nunes said on Mark Levine’s show.

This is a trap they’re setting up for Trump when asking him to come in under oath. This in not a court of law with an impartial judge, it’s a political lynching. If he makes one small misstep (which he could easily do), they’ll charge him with lying under oath to congress. I know you’re innocent Trump, but don’t fall for this.  They’re setting you up.  None of their lying witnesses will get charged with lying under oath, just you will.

It’s true that the Democrats are in search of their next Watergate, it just isn’t there. There’s no there, there, as Strzok once said.  I feel sorry for Trump that he has to go through this circus. I also feel sorry for our country that we have to endure this manufactured ordeal and waste of money.

Why won’t one of our former men in power like George W. Bush come forward and stand up for Trump and demand that this charade come to an end?  Why can’t someone like this come forward?  Or is he part of the Nevertrumpers and wants him out too?  Thank God A.G. Barr is standing up for Trump, but now the left wants him impeached. I guess we have a party of cowards except for a handful of congressmen and senators which I’m thankful for. I keep waiting for the grownups to come home as this teenage party is out of control. 

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Can’t believe we have to listen to more evidence heard through the grapevine this week.  Get me off this crazy train that never ends.

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