Memorial Day Remembrance.

Chilling account of the largest wartime explosion comparable to the H Bomb.  On 10 November 1944, shortly after 18 men had departed for shore leave, the rest of the crew were killed when the ship exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

Every Memorial Day I think of my mother’s first husband, my oldest brother’s father, my father’s only cousin, my great cousin, who never got to meet his future son. He died suddenly in an ammo ship explosion called the USS Mt. Hood on November 10, 1944, ironically named after a volcano in Oregon. They never found the cause of the explosion other than careless handling of cargo. But as ill fate would have it, my mother’s high school boyfriend from Oakland, California, President of his Class, father of her firstborn, perished that ill-fated day. He was only 21 years of age. No remains found to be buried. All she got was an American flag folded in a triangle.

They never recovered his body and all the bodies on the ship disintegrated and many ships and soldiers docked nearby perished as well.  “The largest remaining piece of the hull was found in the 80 foot deep hole the explosion made underwater and measured no bigger than 16 by 10 ft (5 by 3 m). No other remains of Mount Hood were found except fragments of metal which had struck other ships in the harbor and a few tattered pages of a signal notebook found floating in the water several hundred yards away. No human remains were recovered of the 350 men aboard Mount Hood or small boats loading alongside at the time of the explosion.” Wikipedia.

Explosion of the USS Mt. Hood killing 350 soldiers aboard.

My mother who was 7 months pregnant at the time received the worst news of her life. “Your husband is missing in action,” the government wrote her. Lost her young husband and the father of her child. I don’t think she ever recovered from it totally. She died young from cancer that really had no typical causes. Families don’t get over a death like this of their loved ones. It scars you internally.

Many folks, especially police officers, are getting needlessly killed in the line of duty leaving their loved ones feeling much the same. But we have a different enemy compared to World War II. Our enemy is among us. They look and dress like average citizens. But they are on a mission to destroy law and order across the Nation. When I think of what my great cousin had to endure at such a young age compared to the spoiled rich college protesters in the streets throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails, it makes me sick. They don’t know what hardship is. And that’s the problem. The snowflake, participation trophy generation. Everything’s been handed to them.

Soldiers gave up their lives for our freedom and these street thugs are taking it away. They are a malignant cancer on society that is spreading. The sooner the Democrats realize this, the better chance we’ll have to combat it. But from what I am hearing about BLM Flags flown at the U.S. Embassy, I’m appalled. Might as well hang the ISIS flag outside the embassy. The left is all about stifling any hate flags and speech, but they sure embrace the BLM Marxist flag and hate speech from the left on Twitter. And we allow it!

Kids these days are getting paid to sit home on their a$$es during the day and protest at night. It has to stop. Employers that can’t find workers, need to report any former employee that refuses to come back to work. This way their unemployment checks will be denied. Or at least this is the way it used to work. In Biden’s world, no telling what system he has put in place to create the laziest, most divisive group of young people in the world. Way to go Biden! Keep it up. What ever happened to his mantra, “A job is more than a paycheck.” Maybe he should change it to, “Laziness is more than an unemployment check.” Cuz that’s what they are.

May all the soldiers that have lost their lives protecting our country rest in peace, especially on the ill-fated USS Mt. Hood. They never had a siren, a shout out, a telegraph, or a chance to say a prayer. Similar to some who died on impact on 9-11. One second later they were obliterated from existence. :’>(