Interview with a Democrat.

Interview with the Vampire (1994) ... Horror Special Movie Trailer ...

I took a chance trying to find out how my close Democrat friend feels about President Trump as we never talk politics.  I really took a chance as I was tired of remaining silent.  I carefully opened the conversation with, “Are you going to watch the RNC Convention tonight?”

“No way, I can’t,” she immediately blurted. So I fished for a while trying to see why not and it finally came out, “I hate Trump!”

I was flabbergasted at first, but I calmly asked, “What has Trump done to your life to make you hate him?”

“He’s a horrible man.”

“Why is he horrible, please explain?” I fished.


“That’s not really an answer.  Please let me know why you hate him as ‘hate’ is a strong emotion. I’m really curious to know how others think.”

“The national parks; he’s not honorable; he’s vile; he’s not fit for office; he’s not a good person,” etc. she rambled on.

Whoa, I thought as she started raising her voice like a typical radical which was a side I had not seen in her before. It seems she was hating on his personality. My ever-cheerful friend showed a new side to her. It was like a switch went off. So I dared to calmly delve deeper into her hate for Trump.  She thinks he’s in office just to enrich himself. I told her he donates his salary. She scoffed at that and added that he’s making all kinds of money. I told her he left a prosperous business to save the country. I asked her what she thought of his children thinking she’d never go after his children, but I was wrong!  “They’re horrible!” she says. Where is this coming from? I thought. I was really bumfuzzled at this point.

She knew nothing of Ivanka’s previous successful business. She only knows what she reads in the New York Times.  “FOX News is evil,” she added gratuitously.  Needless to say, I didn’t ask her what she thought of Rush Limbaugh.  She’s probably never even listened to him but forms her opinions from the New York Times. She won’t watch the conventions but will wait for the review in the New York Times. My heart sunk.

She refuses to listen to anyone that may know Trump on a personal level or has benefited from his policies. She doesn’t want to hear a positive side to Trump to dispel all that she’s heard in the last four years. She knew nothing of the peace deal in the Middle East. She says a businessman shouldn’t be running the country. She says he is not well read and not very smart. He’d be better off working in the entertainment business, she added dismissively.

Of course, I rebutted those comments but it seems she’d prefer an eloquent speaker like Obama i.e. a trained politician that lies for a living rather than an experienced businessman that knows how to make trade deals, turn a profit for the country, can spot wasted spending within the government, and speaks from the heart rather than planned speeches. Short of losing my cool at her for being so close minded, we ended the conversation on a good note. Trust me it was hard to do as I feel a little duped by her hidden angst for Trump all these years. My final word to her was, “Don’t be surprised if Trump goes down in history as one of the most successful presidents of all time. And also don’t be surprised if he wins four more years as Democrats are running to our party.” She had no comment.

Bottom line:  This is what we are dealing with, close minded voters that refuse to even look at the other side.  She’d never heard of the Nick Sandmann story.  I deduced from my interview that I’d put her in the column of “lost causes.”  Will I still be friends with her?  I will certainly have a different view of her from now on.  I can’t get past my mild-mannered friend becoming so vitriolic.  I dared to ask her as I honestly wanted to know how the other side feels, but I got more than I bargained for.  I always end these kinds of conversations with: Note to self. I need to find new friends.

Curiosity does kill the cat as the old saying goes.  My interview with a Democrat was more like an Interview with the Vampire as the Democrats are out for blood.

Watch out Trump!  They don’t want to know anything good about you, just the bad.

Personal Note:  Democrats are a dime a dozen and easy to find.  Republicans are harder to find especially in blue states but I’ll BOLO for one.