What is Biden’s Doctrine?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

We all remember how Bush, McCain, and Palin got hounded with questions from the idiot press like Katie Couric about what their doctrine was? It must have been a trick question because no one cares what Biden’s is. So far it looks like: Spread Hate and Despair Among Americans.

Biden wants us to hate the police, hate the GOP, hate Blacks, hate Whites, hate Asians, hate teachers, hate journalists, hate guns, hate the vaccine, hate masks, hate Trump, hate Trump supporters, hate congress, hate juries, hate ICE, hate the wall, hate social media, hate illegals, hate gasoline, hate climate deniers, hate voter ID, hate election reform, hate the constitution, hate the Supreme Court and lately hate beef. Everything he has said points to a doctrine of hate. But he wants us to embrace racism, America Last, fear of covid, higher taxes, suppression of free speech, and love of Biden/Harris.

Hee, hee. I…don’t…think…so. This is the most destructive, most devious, most incompetent regime our country has ever encountered according to political historians. Worse than Obama’s. I guess he wanted to upstage Obama. Boy, oh boy, has he ever. Probably worse than an invasion of aliens from outer space. I feel like we’ve been invaded by aliens from outer space every time I turn on the news. I can’t believe what the anchors are reporting with a straight face. Where’s Rush when we need him? RIP Rush. We’ll deal with it. I’m half waiting for pods to show up in our bedrooms when we go to sleep. Have they all been replaced by aliens? Cue the truckloads of pods. Biden’s administration is full of radical plagiarizers (imposters) or bartenders with no smart ideas. They fake it, until they make it. Problem is, they won’t make it. No one is believing their head fakes not even the silent moderate Dems. Boy, are they silent lately. Notice that?

I met up with two of my staunch moderate Democrats lately for lunch. Nary a word was spoken of Biden. In fact, they were mute on him. One had an axe to grind about Ron DeSantis for obvious reasons (their next big threat), but I remained silent until she got in her car to leave. Then I asked, “You know who I’m really attracted to if I was younger and single?”

She answered, “No.”

“Ron DeSantis.”

Her response, “He makes me throw up.” Love my Democrat friends. You always know who the biggest contender is as the left shows their cards early on like they did with Trump.

Give it up Biden. Your doctrine of hate is obvious. You and Fauci and the rest of your phony cabinet members need to fess up. You stole the election, and you’re failing at running the country. Give it up now to save face. You look ridiculous and out of your league. You’re embarrassing us on the world stage. You wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of you. While you’re at it, drop the mask as it makes you look stupid–two vaccinated leaders standing alone with masks on. Come on, man. It’s hard to watch.

Sign in front of the White House Parking lot.

UPDATED August 4th:

Biden’s New Doctrine: Fix All the Messes We’ve Created Before the Midterms: Notice they are already claiming that gas prices are coming down? Tell that to the gas station in California where I just filled up at $6.99 a gallon. Fake news.