Senators Blame Trump for Inciting Violence at the Capitol.

One Nevada Senator says, “Armed rioters stormed the nation’s capitol emboldened by Trump’s false and inflammatory rhetoric about the 2020 election” without waiting to hear the truth about who entered the building. They clearly wanted this to be the case.

I believe the breaching of the Capitol was a premeditated attempt to stop the proceedings in the Joint Session of Congress as they were going so well for the GOP. The GOP senators were making sense and had to be stopped. Notice there were not enough Capitol Police on hand to stop the Antifa marauders donning flags and weird clothing. They looked like hoodlums. These weren’t Trump Supporters. Unfortunately, one overzealous patriot was carelessly shot dead by the secret service. Totally uncalled for; but since she was not with BLM, will be dismissed by the media.

The Freedom March was attended by over 100,000 peaceful Trump Supporters waving American flags. Most of them were seniors. True Trump supporters are not violent, don’t wear horns on their heads, and do not place pipe bombs at the RNC. These are clues (FBI) that it was not Trump Supporters that stormed the Capitol.

No one should have breached security at the Capitol Building. When they did, they broke the law. Trump and some of his family members gave friendly speeches earlier at the Freedom March and didn’t incite any violence. Trump was speaking the truth that we all know about the 2020 election. If anyone incited violence, I hear it was the main stream media calling the demonstrators rioters that were planning a coup. This kind of talk is a dog whistle to Antifa to come out and do what they were hired to do. Which they did. They have no respect for boundaries or police and knocked them out of the way. Surprisingly, there weren’t that many police inside the Capitol. Planned much?

Antifa does the dirty work for the Democrats. Notice they never condemned them all year long. Biden called them “an idea.” Sort of like how he called China, not a threat. They allowed them to destroy, burn, and even murder with no condemnation. Harris was even bailing them out of jail. Without Antifa, Biden wouldn’t be able to steal the election. Them together with the BLM (who I consider one and the same now) worked in the suspect cities to commit voter fraud. They were doing the nasty work for the politicians so they didn’t have to get their hands dirty.

Once the House went into recess, it felt like election night on November 3rd when they stopped counting the ballots. The Dems needed time to refresh and come out guns-a-blazing against the GOP, while the GOP got the wind knocked out of them and lost their gas. Basically lost their momentum. This was planned. This is how they work. They will blame the historic invasion on Trump’s rhetoric while all along they are behind it. Remember, whatever they blame Trump for, they are doing themselves. Then the media jumps onboard and fans the chaos flames.

Even Senator Loeffler that just lost in Georgia reversed her objection to the certification of the electoral votes. Wow! Et tu Brutus? What a poor loser she is. All the rest of the Dems were able to talk about the sad day in America being attacked by the enemy within versus what they originally planned to talk about the great fair election that Biden won. No one could believe that so they had to have a new subject: Trump incited violence on the Capitol. Such BS!

Thousands of people didn’t trespass into the Capitol Building, and they weren’t encouraged by Trump. These are all lies. This is what they planned all along. This is what they do. They delayed the objections to the electoral votes with a planned breach of the Capitol so they could go into shutdown. Just like November 3rd. The reason I think this is because past is prologue. Nancy couldn’t handle the truth coming out so she pulled one of her tricks. If they can steal an election, they can certainly have an insurance plan for an “inside job” invasion of the Capitol. We got played, again.

Watch out!