More Evidence Biden Sees Dead People.

Photo by Susan Flores on

Not only did Joe depend on dead people voting for him in the 2020 election, he now has more than once been shaking hands with ghosts on stage and most recently called out “Jackie! Where’s Jackie?” to thank her for the hard work on some program. But, unfortunately, she died in a well publicized car crash two months ago. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was calling Jackie Kennedy or Jackie Gleason since he sees dead people.

But seriously, the media is already covering for him claiming we don’t have respect for our elders. Please. That’s not the point. The point is, this senile guy is in control of our country while wars are going on all around us. And he has the nuclear codes. The world is on fire and our Commander in Chief may have had a lot to do with it.

Who placed the bombs on the Nord Stream 2? This is a terror attack that no one seems to be concerned with. No one is claiming responsibility which leads me to believe our corrupted government may be behind it. Trump didn’t approve the Nord Stream 2 and Biden did. Maybe Biden now realizes he made a mistake and wants to eradicate it. Who knows in his feeble mind how he thinks. He may not always be in charge, but he gets the final word on everything. And therein lies the problem. He’s easily convinced.

A Seal Team Six could have asked him, “Sir, should we take out the Nord Stream 2?” And Biden would robotically respond, “Yes.” He has no idea what he is approving. Just like when he answered that we’d go to war with China to defend Taiwan. He can be suggested just about anything. And therein lies the problem.

“Sir, should we raid Trump’s house?”

Biden, “Yes.”

“Sir, should we target those that attend school board meetings against CRT?

Biden, “Yes.”

“Sir, should we allow transgenders in women’s sports?

Biden, “Yes.” He’ll say ‘yes’ to anything at this point.

We’re worried about the nation’s economy. security, and safety. We also have natural disasters to deal with. How in the world will our country be able to afford all these catastrophes? First covid, which cost American companies millions in losses and now Florida reeling after a major hurricane. Biden doesn’t prepare for natural disasters, he just spends like a drunken sailor all year long and doesn’t save for natural disasters. Biden prints, borrows, begs and bribes. He doesn’t bring in a dime the old fashion way. Why? Because he doesn’t know how businesses are run, nor does he care. He only cares about rewarding his donors who are climate change activists and buying votes.

So while Biden is talking to dead people and calling them up on stage, he is leaving our country up shit creek without a paddle. We have to win in November. Our lives depend on it.

Prayers for victims of Ian.