Covidcrats Want to Pass “Voter Rights” Before Midterms.

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Voter Rights is code for “Right to Cheat.” They are pulling out all the stops before the midterms to change the election laws allowing for everyone to vote whether or not they are citizens. They want NO VOTER ID! No cross reference to the voter rolls. NO signature match. They want illegal ballot harvesting like Zuckerberg funded and extended days of voting and mail ins so they can stuff the ballot box past election day. This opens the doors to underage voters and serial voters, voting multiple times. In other words, they want to legalize cheating.

They got away with it in 2020, but we can’t let them do it again. Even Hillary sees a window of opportunity for her to reenter the race as cheating is the only way she could win. How can the covidcrats be so dumb? Or are they dumb but rather just evil-minded. Anyone that would allow voting without proof of identity is either dumb or evil. But every covidcrat in the House voted against a new bill protecting voter ID. Think about it. Every single one of the covidcrats are either dumb or evil. Evil people loot and steal from stores. They are no better than them.

We have to strengthen voter integrity not loosen it. I know we have the fox guarding the henhouse or the inmate guarding the prison or the mentality ill running the asylum with Biden as president; but that, notwithstanding, the GOP has to do something to thwart their evil intentions to steal another election.

Similarly this kangaroo court of a January 6th Commission is a sham. It is made up of Russia Inference conspiracy spreaders, Kavanaugh slanderers, and disgruntled Trump haters. Not one honest one in the group. Senator Amy Klobuchar should be ashamed of herself. And she wanted to be President? No way now. We judge people by who they surround themselves with. She is in the center of this witch hunt. She’s out for revenge as she knows in her heart of hearts that Trump won the last election and that she can’t let him win again. The Big Truth.

So when you hear the left ballyhooing about Voter Rights just tune them out. They are trying their best to change the rules prior to the midterms. They are running scared.