What’s Going on in our Country?

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We’ve got new black militant groups shutting down highways dressed in full military gear and ammo in Massachusetts saying they are above American Law; an employee of the Trump Organization being perp-walked out of his office for tax evasion on typical large corporation fringe benefits; 92 shootings in Chicago over the weekend being blamed on sexism and racism; condos collapsing killing a hundred being blamed on climate change; our president who can’t talk without searching for crib notes; 178,000 illegals crossing our border a month that most folks are unaware of; Russian and Chinese ships amassing off the shores of Hawaii; Hamas and Israel fighting again; U.S. dropping bombs in Syria; cyberattacks on our corporations escalating; responsible parties for the Wuhan Lab leak going silent; the Taliban and ISIS taking a foothold in Afghanistan again; schools teaching racism to our children; Hollyweird putting out crap tv movies and ads with more interracial couples than not; liberal newspapers, social media, and news anchors suppressing the truth; gasoline prices soaring along with food; men competing against women in sports; Olympic athletes disrespecting our flag; children being forced to wear healthy masks in school; states being sued for voter ID laws; companies unable to hire due to stimulus checks and increased unemployment compensations and all this is the result of this new administration. It’s like a horror show. Our country’s being setback fifty years or so thanks to the takeover of this administration. But it is socialism by no other name. Socialism is a horror show.

Fourth of July was not the same as usual. Fireworks banned from most cities due to fire danger, not covid this time, and lack of enthusiasm for what is going on in this country made it difficult to celebrate. We know the last election was rigged, yet the Democrats are out there celebrating like fools. It is unseemly. It’s hard to overlook and pretend that everything is hunky-dory around these types. Easier to stay away from them at all costs. Recently, however, I attended a backyard party where one big lib was mouthing off about Republicans. I overheard him say, “Anyone that doesn’t believe in climate change, is an idiot.” So you see, they are still unhappy and are filled with the name calling. I spoke up and said, “I’m Republican” and he walked away. He was looking for likeminded folks to complain with him. And what’s up with talking politics in a mixed setting? Not cool.

Our country is looking weak on the world stage. We have a stumbling (literally), bumbling, mentally-challenged, Weekend-at-Bernie’s president being propped up by his elder-abusive, power-hungry, fame-whore wifey. Remember she’s no saint. She cheated on her first husband with Joe and eventually ended up leaving him for Joe. If that is not career climbing or sleeping your way to the top, I don’t know what is. She epitomizes everything I am against in women as I have had my share of what I call “homewreckers” that put a stick in the spokes of my marriage. My husband was the owner of a corporation and all that that entails. Women he hired may or may have not had affairs with him. He’ll never tell but I saw the evidence. But I digress.

She also did a poor job of taking over the raising of Hunter and the daughter they both had together. Both children have suffered from drug addition and one still is. And she calls herself a doctor. Laughable. And the diary claiming the daughter was sexually abused. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s almost material for a lifetime movie entitled, From Pedophile to President.

My point is, this country is not going to be recognizable if Biden et al stay in power. They have dismantled, destroyed, and eliminated just about all the good policies Trump had put in place starting with the border wall and keystone pipeline. It is unconscionable. We need now, more than ever, to win in 2022 to takeover the House and the Senate, to send Nancy packing and to put a STOP to what is going on in our country. It’s our only hope.


The Candidate Running On “Bringing Dignity, Integrity, and Soul Back to America”…


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is ironically looking more like a hypocritical laughing stock. Why is it that those who claim to take the moral high ground are in actuality up to their eyeballs in corruption, lies, and kickbacks? Notice now that the FBI and DOJ has CONFIRMED that Hunter’s laptop is Hunters, Joe has gone down into his basement and not been seen since. Biden has been caught with his pants down lyin’ and now he’s in hidin’. Or as Trump says, he’s lawyering up. The media says he’s practicing for the next debate. Awhhhh, how nice. Why in the world would he need to practice when he probably already has the questions in his hand and the moderator too? These debates are all fixed.

What Joe Biden has done is criminal and nothing to sweep under the carpet or flippantly dismiss like the mainstream media is trying to do. Facebook and Twitter know that it’s so bad that they refuse to allow any mention of it. It is banned from their social media. So we know that everyone is covering for Joe including the Obama’s holdover Intelligence Agencies. As I recall they were the same ones who collectively shouted that Trump was colluding with Russia; but were part of the coup, so we have no reason to believe them. In case you’re wondering, the coup to take down a sitting president is still active. I think these Intelligence Agencies need to be renamed, Unintelligent Agencies

Yesterday we had Obama hitting the airwaves in support of Joe and against Trump. FOX News has been inundated with Biden Ads saying that he is all about integrity or some other nonsense which we know is a lie. Hannity keeps repeating that inexperienced Hunter was raking in money from these corrupt foreign companies but Hannity is wrong. Hunter is experienced and just what these companies were looking for: a bagman as he has been involved in shady drug dealings for years. This is his forte. They don’t do business with Hunter for his expertise in oil, it is his connection to his father. Can you even imagine this illegal activity would stop if Joe happened to win the presidency? Of course not! They are a family crime syndicate.

Joe can’t run against Trump’s accomplishments as there are too many so he’s running against his personality which some find brash. I’d be brash too if I had all these agencies, departments, nevertrumpers, and party members conspiring to take me down. Who wouldn’t be brash? Kasich, Cuomo, and Flake have been recruited to be in Biden’s cabinet. Most in Trump’s position would have cut and run long ago, but not Trump. Trump defends himself like he’ll defend our country. He doesn’t back down when he knows he’s in the right. And he is.

In answer to FOX News question, during the debate Biden will say the phrase “Come on, man” zero times as that is not in his debate prep. He memorizes all his answers. No matter what the question, he deflects to his memorizes answers. He will say, however, “This has been discredited or debunked or there’s no truth to that or there’s no basis to this or this is just another right wing smear campaign” many times. Or he’ll say, “Hunter has done nothing wrong.” If Joe thinks being a bagman peddling influence between one country and ours is doing nothing wrong, then Joe needs to go back to church or grammar school as he has lost all honesty and scruples he was once taught.

A caller yesterday asked Rush (who’s not doing so well with his cancer fight) why Jill would allow her husband to look like a fool. They are giving her too much credit for being a nice lady. You forget she hung with the Obamas for eight years. She lied during an interview about her husband’s diminished mental capacity saying that has been debunked and turned the tables onto Trump’s gaffes (which he’s had none). So she is covering for Joe. She is all in on being the First Lady herself and loves the money her husband has been raking in on the side. Sorry everyone, but Jill is no angel. She comes off as a sweet lady, but please. She’s knows what her kids are involved in as she has been the recipient of millions of dollars in payback and has not put a stop to it like most mothers would. She stands to be indicted herself. As a doctor, she failed with Hunter’s drug problem. So she’s not a good mother or doctor and is using her husband to advance her position in life much like Hillary used to do. So let’s get real.

I hate it when FOX News plays dumb or devil’s advocate, and I hate it when others do. They are still reporting FBI is in possession of Hunter’s purported laptop which means laptop seemingly to be Hunter’s. Jill also knows what her husband has been involved in so let’s all stop playing dumb. Jill is an intelligent woman who had an affair with Joe while she was married, so she’s no angel to begin with. She stands for everything I am against. She didn’t honor her marriage vows, traded up to advance herself, and may live to regret that move. She chose the wrong man.

Rush Limbaugh suspects that Hunter purposely left his incriminating laptop at this repair shop in order to stick it to his father who has been receiving kickbacks for years and Hunter is fed up. Hunter had been excluded from Biden’s family photos of late as well as the Democrat Convention and must feel resentful. He is also never mentioned by Joe in his debates, only Beau’s name; so that is hurtful to a son. Never underestimate the wrath of a scorned offspring.

So when you see the ads claiming Biden is running on dignity just ask yourself “is selling influence to other countries a dignified practice for a vice president and his son?” If not, you MUST vote for Trump to stop this illegal behavior once and for all. Trump is for the American Dream and Biden is for the Biden Team.