Who is the Real Joe Biden?

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Image result for risky business castJoel from Risky Business
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or John-Boy from The Waltons

We’ve all been told ad nauseum that Joe came from a poor family during the depression whose father laid awake nights staring at his ceiling wondering how he was going to put food on the table. “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck. It is about dignity.” How many times did he repeat that? These are the stories Joe told the public. Poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks in a two bedroom home from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Kids made fun of his stuttering. However, the image of Joe above looks more like Joel from Risky Business carrying his BYOB than John-Boy from The Waltons, which he tried to portray himself. Which is it?

Nothing could be further from the truth and his parents must be wondering what they created (from their graves). It turns out Joe’s dad owned a Chevy Dealership and Joe had a new car for each year in high school once he reached 16. He attracted all kinds of girls and was living high on the hog. He was good-looking, cocky, rich, and got what he wanted. No sign of his stuttering problem then. Complete opposite of the stories he’s been telling throughout his campaign. He bragged in college that he wanted to be president. That was his goal. He went from city council to the senate in short order. In order to pull that off, one needs lots of money to campaign with. His father’s. Poor kids don’t advance that quickly without brains, connections, and money. And we know it wasn’t brains.

Joe is much older than me and I remember what it was like trying to get one nice car in our middleclass family let alone a car for us kids when we reached driving age. We had to get jobs and save up for a down payment to buy our first “used” car. No help from daddy. Joe was what we called rich back then. A spoiled, rich kid. The label he has been trying to pin onto Trump the last four years.

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So poor old slow Joe has been in public service since getting out of college to the current age of 78. He has never created a job, started a company, or hired a soul. He has no hands-on experience on how to run a company or even hire employees. He is a combo of Obama and Bernie Sanders, only senile. He has no idea what $15 an hour minimum wage will do to a small franchise like McDonalds since he has been milking the government since age 25.

All the stories he told of his poor upbringing were nothing but lies. He duped all his voters. I saw through his lies because he was caught in so many including plagiarism and bragging on camera that he was top in his class at law school. But his voters turned a blind eye to all that. I was duped about his poor upbringing, however. What a conman!

Joe is not for helping America like Trump is. Joe is all about helping Joe and lining his pockets with wealth which he has gotten quite skilled at over the years. He will do nothing to help America or Americans as you can see already from all his executive orders. He will do more to help foreigners and will expect something in return, as it’s his SOP.

His voters got duped. We will soon be expecting an apology from his voters and the media who voted (cheated) for him. Once they see where the country is heading, the moderates will finally apologize to us. As we were right about Joe, and they were wrong. Won’t they? Or am I expecting too much from a Democrat?