Are Biden’s Draconian Mandates a Sign of What’s to Come?

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Angry, testy Joe.

I suspect we are heading for another national election that allows mail in ballots with see-through envelopes being sent out to millions again. The more covid-fear this administration instills in people, the more likely they’ll go along with another mail in ballot scam by the left.

Biden revels in the news of increased covid cases as it works to his favor. Hospitals are tweaking their covid-positive cases as it works in their favor. Why do you think Biden’s bringing in hundreds of thousands of untested Afghans and millions of untested migrants? It’s to spread the virus.

We are all getting played, and I can’t believe the GOP is allowing it. We have to put our foot down and demand an honest election in 2022. Without election integrity this time, we are doomed to get hoodwinked by the left and all their evil schemes. Just like what occurred in California this week.

When are we going to get smart? Why haven’t bills been written by senators to ban mail in ballots especially in the suspicious states of the 2020 election? Something has to be done. If everyone is vaccinated now, why must we mail in our ballot? What…are we just lazy? I don’t want lazy people electing our senators and congressmen. I want people who care enough about our country to leave the house and stand in a line. It seems the only ones fighting for us are Ron DeSantis, Trump, and Ted Cruz.

I know there are millions of upset Americans about what is going on from Afghanistan, to vaccine mandates, to the border crisis, and inflation. But we are honest Americans who don’t practice to cheat to win an election. We are up against those that do cheat and therein lies the problem. How do we beat the amoral cheaters? We need to enforce the laws that are in place that don’t allow double voting, underage voters, nonresident voters, dead voters, photocopying ballots, discarding ballots, unmatched signatures, and computer tampering. But I don’t think one person has been indicted for voter fraud from the 2020 election as yet.

But many persons have been jailed that were invited into the capitol building by police that were in on the set up in January. Amazing how that works. Rules for thee but not for me. We are, unfortunately, getting played by this administration from all sides. Nothing we do seems to work in our favor. We don’t have any power left. Occasionally the Supreme Court will side in our favor, but it’s not enough. Even the FAA is against us as they have banned FOX News camera drones from flying over the Texas border exposing thousands of migrants amassing there. Isn’t it communism that bans news from the people?

Biden is smokescreening all his failures thus far by enacting all these crazy mandates. He’s punishing red states from getting therapeutic medicines for covid. He trying to take our eyes off the ball of his failures in Afghanistan. Next he’ll be shutting down companies again and closing schools. The guy’s out on a limb ready to break and bringing us down with him. He’s foreshadowing of what’s to come in 2022’s midterm election. He’s covid batshit crazy.


Breaking News! Durham has surfaced. He is indicting one lawyer that worked with Hillary to spread the Russian collusion lie. Really? After all this time only one lawyer that no one’s heard of? Are you kidding me!? Durham got paid for this? What a waste of money. Why not indict the girl behind the Russian Collusion fake news story that cost taxpayers 30 million $$$$? Why not go after Bob Mueller who knew the truth but ignored it and allowed two years of shade hanging over Trump’s presidency? See what I mean? We are getting played even by our own investigators. What is everyone so afraid of?