Top Suppressed Stories of 2020: Hunter’s Laptop, Election Fraud, and Swalwell.

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Remember how we all screamed from the rooftops regarding Hunter’s laptop but our voices were not heard? How many stories have we told about what happened in our election that was outrageous but to no avail and now Congressman Swalwell’s communist ties are being completely buried by the suppressed news media. I never trusted Swalwell.

All three of these stories would be front page news if committed by Republicans, no doubt. But since Democrats are involved, these stories got hidden, ridiculed, and frankly banned from Big Tech, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, NPR, CBS, and ABC. These aren’t news sources any longer. They are coverup artists and very good at what they do. Frankly, they interfered in our election and should be held accountable. It’s journalistic malpractice.

What do these stories have in common? They all would’ve affected the presidential election if they had come out earlier to the masses. But they were suppressed and buried instead. Hunter’s laptop implicates Biden in yet another “pay for access” and he was the “big guy” getting 50% of his son’s illegal ventures overseas. Swalwell actually had the gall to run for president while this story was known by authorities who allowed him to continue. The mail-in ballots were also planned and allowed by authorities despite Trump’s warning that it would be rife for fraud. Our DOJ and FBI are apparently running interference for the Democrats.

So now that the cat’s out of the bag since the stupid media thinks they have the election in the bag, we are allowed to hear about Hunter Biden’s tax evasion investigation that has been ongoing since 2019! Obviously, he has not paid taxes on the millions he has received illegally since he didn’t really have a legit job. He laundered the money through bogus charity companies that eventually got back into his father’s sticky hands. Not to mention all the gross selfies on his laptop with nude women. We have to stop playing dumb. This is a crime syndicate family and has been for years including his wife, brother, and now son-in-law. Come on, man! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (Joe). And everyone was aware of it including Obama, but they turned a blind eye. It’s just ol’ Joe.

A couple on Housewives of New Jersey spent three years in jail for lying on a construction loan application about their income but the likes of Biden’s family are running around free that have committed much worse crimes like treason–selling out our country in exchange for cash. The unequal and unfair justice for Democrat politicians versus regular folks or Republican politicians is appallingly conspicuous. Who do they think they’re fooling?

Now we have a threat on Twitter from a sitting elected official asking soldiers (and her thugs in the mob) to punish Trump supporters (Trumpers) for their shenanigans. We will not be threatened by the likes of this despicable black woman. Never. Twitter has allowed this physical threat of Trump supporters on their platform and will not take it down. Yet they pride themselves on taking down any threats or hate speech. I guess only against Dems. Just the mention of voter fraud is hate speech in their platform. Unequal and unfair practices. They should be shutdown.

They know they lost the election and are desperate. They know they cheated in the election and got caught and are desperate. They know all the sh-t is hitting the fan soon and are desperate. They know the rats are running from a sinking ship and are desperate. They can see the writing on the wall and are desperate. So they are pulling out all their stops in order to threaten us into retreat. Ain’t going happen. We will fight for Trump. We will stand our ground.

What does this news suppression prove to us? It proves once again that Rush, Hannity, Tucker, Laura, Newsmax, Kilmeade, Watters, Gutfeld, Jeanine, Levin, and a few others were right again and all the rest were dead wrong. They were also right during the false charges of Russia collusion and Ukraine phone call and now this. They reported on the election fraud stories as well as Hunter’s laptop and now are reporting on Swalwell. Give up on those other so-called news sources. They are the political arm for the Socialist Democrat party as well as coverup artists.






Left-wing “Journalists” Need to Invest in a Dictionary in Order to Understand Trump’s Comments.

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When Trump says the words “listen to” it doesn’t mean seek out, invest, spy, hire, pay for, phone, call me, meet with, email with, hack, conspire with, collude in, collaborate, or any of the other accusations the fake news is making.  It also doesn’t mean he’s done it. If Trump heard of some illegal activity regarding a challenger, he would pass it on to the FBI to check out just as McCain did with the fake dossier coming from Russia “disinformation.” The double standard of the left is atrocious!

For instance, if Trump heard from any of the leaders of countries, that he routinely speaks with, that Sanders was involved in any illegal activity in their country; he’d listen and pass it on to the FBI as any responsible president would. Period. Done. Shut up media. That’s all he said!  He didn’t say he wants countries to call him or he’s going to be spying on any candidates or he wants them to hack the DNC or he’s going to be seeking out this kind of information from other countries like the media is raving about.  That’s what the left is guilty of doing, coincidentally. The spin put on this answer is reprehensible.

The shaking Pelosi and her cohorts are having a conniption over this flippant answer to a known Hillary-supporting Stephanopoulos’ question obviously intended to slip up Trump.  She called it unpatriotic. The way the fake news adds to Trump’s dialog is diabolical and coordinated. There should be some sort of journalistic law against this, but Freedom of Speech protects them and the sycophant followers believe them. It should be renamed Freedom of Lies.

Journalists need to take off their biased hats and invest in a dictionary so they can understand Trump.  They either have no comprehension skills, or they’re willingly ignorant in order to spread lies about Trump.  And I think it’s the latter.

I saw the wide-eyed, drooling journalists right out of liberal college asking leading questions at Pelosi’s press conference.  Is this now grounds for impeachment, Madam Speaker? Journalists, either get a dictionary or quit your job.  You’re committing journalistic malpractice or career suicide.  And consumers, just change the channel.

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