Mazie and Kamala Need to Check Themselves!

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They are nothing more than angry, rude, spitting swamp dwellers.  They both slandered Attorney General Barr on national television.  They are dirty-mouthed, arrogant women on a mission to take out Trump and now Barr.  Mazie asked him to resign. Where do they get off treating him like this? Thank God Graham interrupted her and Cruz read them all the riot act.  They behaved unbecoming of senators.

Where was Mazie when Lynch had a secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton to exonerate Hillary? Where was Mazie when Lynch asked Comey to call an investigation “a matter?”   Did that bother her partisan a–?  No, of course, not.  She was disrespectful of the Department of Justice AG and dismissive of his answers.  Mazie and Kamala are dirty, political pond scum.  They need to resign along with Schiff.  All three are despicable characters with no character. I can’t stand listening to their arrogant tone.

And Biden claiming to be the man of moral high ground.  Wow!  That’s a stretch.  Is it moral to sniff women’s hair?  Is it moral to swim in the nude around female security? Is it moral to run a pay for play while in office?  Is it moral to lie about our economy saying we need to redefine what success means?  Is it moral to treat the America people like we are stupid and will believe anything?  Is it moral to say that the Obama administration had no scandals?  Is it moral to pass around a dirty dossier on Trump that was not verified? I don’t think so!  He is the creator of the swamp and has been marinating in it for thirty years.

Mueller’s last snippy letter to Barr was nothing more than a CYA letter.  He’s getting flack from the fake news media and the Democrats and knows he’s also in trouble legally.  Just wanted to get something in writing as a preemptive strike before Barr comes after him. And it feeds red meat to the gullible haters of Trump.  And, as usual, they fell for it.

These Democrats are behaving like Obama got framed by the FBI.  They are running a sham job on the American people from ignoring the crisis at the border to the feigned outrage of the results of the investigation of Trump.  We are sick of it.  Hope they all get voted out next year, if not indicted, as they were at least complicit with the dirty cops at the top.

Barr was appointed to help drain the swamp.  Let’s drain this swamp. These swamp dwellers are out of control. It’s getting hard to watch them take the “moral high ground” after the sham they put on the American people for two years.

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I apologize to the alligators being compared to these two swamp-dwelling congresswomen.  No alligators were physically harmed in the writing of this rant.  Just metaphorically.