Kanye Sees Trump Slipping in Polls and Comes to the Rescue?


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Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Kanye West sees a chance to possibly help his buddy Trump.  If he runs as an Independent it will undoubtedly hurt Biden.  Spoiler alert. Biden thinks he has the young people, the feminist, and the black votes cinched up.  But…not so fast.  The Kardashians alone have a huge following among young women then add Kanye to the mix and he has the music industry following not to mention the young blacks.  Biden thought he had all those votes.

Kanye must see that the BLM movement is hurting Trump and wants to lend him a helping hand.  The chances of him stealing a Republican vote is slim to nothing as we don’t care much for the Kardashians and even less about rappers.  But if he can help Trump, he needs all the help he can get.

Let’s be frank though.  Kanye knows nothing about running a business let alone a country.  He’s a celebrity that everything comes easy for.  He married into a rich media mogul family that has made their money off their father’s fame from the O.J. Trial.  He’s never worked with politicians like Trump had done. He is as cold and inexperienced as they come in government.

Staunch Democrats will continue to hold their noses and vote for Biden as well as excited Republicans will vote for Trump.  It’s the moderates, independents, and far left that will have to decide who to vote for.  Will the fascists, antifa, BLM, rioters, CHOP, and criminals vote for Kanye?  Not sure.  He’s a religious guy that portends to be Republican. Will they overlook that fact about him and vote for his age and color? But they hate capitalism.  Another conundrum.

Will he steal Hollywood, Hispanic, and the music industry’s vote from Biden?  Will he steal the entrepreneur vote from Trump? Will Bruce Jenner vote for him? Hell, will O.J. vote for him? Will he steal the gay vote from Biden?  At least he’d have a super model wife as First Lady like Trump has.

Poor Biden.  Watch how fast he slips in the polls now. He’s gonna have to pull something quick out of his bag of tricks.  But he’s not quick.  Nothing he does is quick. Everything he does is slow and sleepy.  Bye bye Biden.

Stay tuned.

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