What the Heck Happened Last Night?


Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

After we watched Trump finally get called a win in Florida and Ohio, suddenly the screen counts stopped in five states that Trump was ahead in. The powers at be never let it look like Trump was ahead in the Electoral Vote. They quickly decided on the blue states and kept the red states hanging. When Arizona was called prematurely, we all knew then the fix was in. Any momentum Trump had was buried under a wet blanket. We sat and sat and sat waiting and wondering the ef is going on?We even turned the channel to CNN to see what they were up to. They were even worse with their decisions so went back to FOX.

FOX anchors were giggling and wearing blue and that was my first clue that they subconsciously could be in the Biden camp. And why, oh why, do we need to hear from Wallace, Brazille, and Williams–known Trump haters? They are clueless and biased. The only credible newsman last night was Bill Hemmer. The rest should have been replaced by Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham. We need smart people running these shows not gigglers and prognosticators.

All the warnings that the left would steal the election from Trump were coming to fruition right before our eyes. These counting precincts have known for months that it would come down to the wire with the mail-in ballots, yet they were caught with their pants down. One precinct ran out of ink in their machines, another ran out of ballots, another had a waterline break, and others were remaining suspiciously silent with no excuse. Is it any wonder that only states with Democrat governors are the ones holding us up? Of course not.

Incompetence at its highest. And how do we know what shenanigans happened in the dead of night after they all went to bed? We don’t. I see Hillary’s hands all over this. She probably called the precincts and asked them to stop counting until further notice. This was another planned coup as they knew Trump was going to win. First they skewed the polls for weeks showing Biden ahead, which was a lie. Then they held back the ballots that they’ve had for weeks until the last minute? Then ballots mysteriously appearing overnight? I…don’t….think…so.

Bring on the lawyers as I want each and everyone of these mail-in ballots examined for their veracity. Signatures must match their signature on their license and they must still be alive. I don’t trust the Democrats as far as I can throw them. They have been promising to steal the election all this time, and we should had believed them.

Last night was like the second half of the last quarter of a basketball game where the Red team was up by 20 points then suddenly the Blue team says the game needs to stop and we’ll continue it tomorrow. Momentum is lost and whatever happens will be anticlimactic. I think the audience would be up in arms just like we are. We’ve never seen this before. Time to bring out the lawyers and some recounts.

Trump was running against the fake news, the fake polls, the big tech, Hollywood donors, Democrat billionaires, and then Biden. He was winning until they put a kibosh on it. We can’t let lazy people that normally don’t vote, pick our president or dead people. They don’t deserve to pick our president.

Bye bye voting precincts, hello Supreme Court to see if all this nonsense is even constitutional. I…don’t…think…so. And let’s fire Chris Wray while we’re at it. I’m fed up. They’re all in it together.