The Jig is Finally Up!

Lyin’ Biden has been denying this Ukraine scandal for four years, and we finally have direct evidence (like we didn’t before when he was caught on tape with a quid pro quo with Ukraine but the MSM buried it). They have to believe it now as the New York Post printed it! Right? Not so fast.

Apparently Facebook and Twitter are banning any sort of mention of this story. Too bad. Freedom of speech and press are being stomped on daily. The left can plant any untruth they wish on any platform they wish and it gets printed. But when a legitimate story breaks hurting the Bidens, it gets quashed by the liberal social media just like they did for Hillary’s scandal.

Let’s face it, the mainstream and social medias have been attempting to brainwash the folks for four years, and it has worked to some extent. Yesterday, an idiot on Instagram had a go at Ted Cruz (who I follow) calling him Trump’s lapdog. I intervened and defended Cruz, but he wouldn’t have it. He then went into Trump and his lies and his corrupt family raking in monies because of their father’s position. This sounded more like Joe Biden and that he was projecting like they always do. I then wrote I could never vote for a candidate with impaired mental capacity. He in turn called me mentally ill and that I should get help then implied that I will get covid and die because I won’t have access to Trump’s doctors.

I felt this was bullying and harassment, so I reported him to Instagram. When Democrats don’t have facts to back up their argument, they always resort to name calling. But my point is, Democrats will call us names even when the truth is staring them right in the face. It’s uncanny. Everyone with half a brain can see that Biden is losing it and has been corrupt for years. Anyone. But I feel the mainstream media has buried the evidence. I don’t follow mainstream media as it lies daily so possibly they have brainwashed the folks enough to get them to vote for Biden.

As I watched portions of the boring nomination hearing it was evident that the Democrat senators were trying to water the seeds of lies that they had already planted for the audience’s ear. I heard the suckers and losers lie, the Lincoln comparison lie, the abolishing pre-existing conditions lie, the Judge Garland comparison lie, the Trump peaceful transition of power lie, and this hearing is a sham lie.

But when these same senators asked Amy if cigarettes were hazardous or if she sexually harassed someone or if she’s a racist, if she has empathy, or she believed in climate change, I think the hearing went of the rails. Klobuchar is still running for president and is angry she didn’t make it. Her arms were flailing like an air traffic controller. She kept repeating that Amy will be the polar opposite of Justice Ginsberg. Yes, she is right, and Trump has the right to appoint her. She can’t accept the fact that conservatives don’t think like liberals.

What these senators don’t realize is that we will need nine supreme court justices in case the election results end up in the supreme court due to their own doing. It’s a no brainer that they refuse to admit. Mail-in ballots are a recipe for fraud and everyone with half a brain knows this. Ballots and/or votes will get discarded, lost, damaged, harvested, bought, duplicated, forged, counterfeited, and hidden. We can’t take that chance that it ends up in the supreme court without nine members. We can’t trust John Roberts, as he sided with Obamacare.

For the last time, the Republicans HAVE the majority votes in the Senate to approve a nomination for the supreme court unlike when Judge Garland was nominated. They didn’t have the majority votes in the senate and it would have been a waste of everyone’s time. PERIOD. APPLES AND ORANGES COMPARISON. GET OVER IT.

The story about the Bidens shouldn’t be buried. When this story broke, Joe went into hiding again back to the basement which is very telling in itself. He knows the truth and is afraid it finally got out. Let’s not bury this story too. Keep it alive and spread it whenever possible. It is the October Surprise and would be headlines on every paper if it were Trump’s story. But, alas, it is Biden’s story and will be shushed. Facebook and Twitter are interfering in our election by censoring.

Stay tuned for more details on the Biden’s story.


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