How Does Joe Biden Sleep at Night?

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Aside from all the drugs he must be on for his dementia, how does the worst president in modern history get to sleep? Does his guilty conscience keep him up? Does he toss and turn like a man with mounting troubles or sleep like a baby? He certainly has aged about twenty years in two years, that is obvious; but does he sleep? He’s ruined our country in just two short years but refuses to take any blame.

He has his drones out in droves claiming that Trump’s tax cuts were only for rich corporations and that trickle down economics doesn’t work. It doesn’t need to work because there’s no such thing as “trickle down economics.” That term was made up by the left. When companies profit so do their employees with raises, more hiring, expansions, bonuses, and better benefits. That’s not trickling down; that’s direct prosperity.

In Biden’s economy, companies are forced to lay off, hold back benefits, freeze raises, or close up shop. In Biden’s economy, one person is doing the work of two or three. In Biden’s economy, many have left the workplace altogether and will not be returning. They don’t show up on the unemployment rolls as they are just not looking–maybe even being supported by their parents. In Biden’s economy, we all see the difference in the understaffed service industry. It is the worst in my lifetime. No one can get an order correct as they are not trained or lack experience. Their favorite excuse starts with “due to the pandemic” or “due to the supply chain” yadda yadda yadda.

And what’s with the crazy drivers on the freeways these days? Some are speeding and driving recklessly and there’s no highway patrol to be seen. The police take their lives in their hands every time they pull over one of these nuts. So with that in mind, these drivers feel free to break many laws and get away with it. We have to take our lives in our hands driving among these crazies. Another result of Biden’s lawless and disorder.

I guess his wise dad and gran-pappy never told him the old adage: “spare the rod, spoil the child.” (Notice he never gives his mother or grandmother credit for cautionary sayings. Proves he has mother or women issues.) With no punishments these criminals keep breaking the law. It’s a no brainer. He’d rather repeat “a job is more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity” which his dad always said or some other nonsense. But the youth of today want to stay home and work from Zoom rather than commute. How is that dignified? Ask Apple. Fire their lazy a**es.

But I digress. Biden is a conscienceless, soulless fraud that doesn’t care a twit about how our country is getting close to war, not feeding our babies, invaded at the border, spreading covid, divided by race, and going broke. He doesn’t care. MABA- Make America Broke Again should be his campaign slogan. He has a scorched-earth mentality as he knows he’s dying. He wants to take the country down with him. He wants to punish anyone who voted against him or spoke out against him. He’s a totalitarian, egomaniac, something they used to call Trump. Now look who’s ego is out of control. Look out Hannity, Doocy, Tucker, Watters, Kilmeade, Bongino, Levin, Bartiromo, Ingraham, Gutfeld, and Newsmax. He’s on a vengeful mission.

Does he sleep at night? I bet he does. The guilty sleep fine at night as they are sociopaths with no conscience. It’s the rest of us tossing and turning from the blight and uncertainty he has thrust upon us.


Be careful, covid is spiking in Los Angeles. There’s a new strain going around since everyone has let down their guard. It spread over Mother’s Day and Coachella. Stay away from close talkers or any Democrats.