Why do we Reward or Run Interference for Liars, Losers, and Leakers?

5 big moments from Mueller's House Intelligence testimony - Axios

I just heard that the failed Robert Mueller has been hired by the University of Virginia to teach a law class on the Mueller Probe! Really? He’s going to get paid more money for a hoax? 35 million of our taxpayers’ dollars wasn’t enough for this crook? Have we lost our minds? He found nothing on Trump because the whole probe was instigated by Hillary as a favor! This reminds me of McCabe getting a job at CNN or MSNBC, doesn’t matter which, as a former FBI agent commentator. He was fired! He leaked stories that were lies to the New York Times among being a co-conspirator with Comey in the coup to take Trump out of office. This job for Mueller is nothing more than an indoctrination of our students into believing more lies about Trump. Shame on UofV.

We are currently discovering that flip flopper Fauci (who gets paid 400 thousand a year) was also a chronic liar based on his emails. He told us one thing but another in his emails. Mask on, mask off; Wuhan Lab, wet market; contagious, not contagious; travel ban, no travel ban; cruise ships, no cruise ships; touch transfer, no touch transfer; hydroxychloroquine, no HCQ. But he is still making the nightly news interviews as Their God. We need to stop rewarding bad behavior! The more we do, the more of it we’ll see! If a bank robber is praised and commended for stealing from that evil bank and rewarded by interviews on tv, what’s deterring someone else from entering the same line of work? Nothing. We incentivize bad behavior like we are doing at the border: inviting migrants to cross illegally into our country to get freebies from our government. Like we are doing to BLM and Antifa: arresting them but releasing them without bail; i.e., catch and release to do more harm.

For a while they put stripper-lawyer Avenatti on a pedestal and actually wanted him to run against Trump. If not for his own greed and arrogance he may have been the Democrat candidate for president. But he got greedy and committed unforced errors. Our media, together with Hollywood, has no good judge of character. We see the late night comics continue to bash Trump but rarely lay a glove on Biden. They are either really stupid, have the worst judge of character, or are suffering from liberalism. Or all of the above.

Another example of them rewarding or running interference for liars and failures is the way they treat Governor Cuomo even after it is clear he was responsible for killing off thousands of seniors in his state with a stupid bill he signed, which he takes no responsibility for. But how do we punish him? We reward him by paying him to write a book of lies about his accomplishments during the pandemic. Talk about the best defense is a good offense. He knew he was in trouble. We run interference by declaring him the most eligible bachelor in New York and put this womanizer on the cover of feminist magazines. Oxymoron much or just moron? How could a murderer be the most eligible bachelor, the readers wonder. Have we lost our minds?

I spent years trying to get my mystery novels published by traditional publishers; but if you’re not notorious, they want nothing to do with you. Crime does pay, I guess. Honesty, truth, or talent need not apply. The whole publishing industry has turned into another arm of the Democrat party. I suppose if I became an activist advocate for climate change and wrote a book about it, they’d be knocking down my door to print it. Hard pass.

Here’s another loser that should probably be behind bars but writes books and gets interviewed like he is a God: James Comey. Remember he was fired! He created the Insurance Plan against Trump with his lackeys Strzok and Page. He was their ringleader. But where is he today? Is he behind bars? No. He is walking free and probably receiving a pretty hefty pension like “take-the-fifth” Lois Lerner is. He should be indicted for treason. A.G. Barr…anyone… Durham…anyone? All silent. We are enabling lawlessness by our inactions.

AOC‘s answer to the violence in New York is to close prisons and build more hospitals with social workers and psychologists to treat the poor criminals. Or some other nonsense. The girl is as dumb as a rock. She probably sucked at being a bartender. She embellished her experience on January 6th, yet we are still allowing her to come to the mic? Have we lost our minds? The girl’s a quack. If she gets reelected the next time she runs, God help us all.

The leader of BLM has been rewarded with millions of dollars donated by corporations who fear backlash from BLM while she set herself up pretty with several mansions. This is nothing more than an old fashion Mafia style extortion plot. Did she help the cause that she pretended to be leading the protests for? No. She took the money for herself. So the underprivileged blacks, that they are all ballyhooing about, have had not one cent sent in their direction. Talk about a sham, a scam, a ruse. The members of Marxist BLM should all be ashamed, but instead we run interference by flying their flag at the U.S. Embassy! Have we all lost our minds?

Hunter Biden, another darling of the left because of his last name, has committed more crimes than carter has pills and is untouchable by the FBI. He is profiting from his crimes, again, while his father is illegitimately posing as president. Two frauds in a pod. Not worth discussing him.

Slow Biden recently came to the mic, bent over, and whispered, “The biggest threat we have in America right now is not ISIS or Al-Qaida…but White Supremacy.” Wow! Talk about lying. We are under threat from China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Antifa nightly, bioweapons, and cyber attacks now, but the worst threat we have is white supremacy? Have we lost our minds? Are white supremacists burning down our cities nightly? No. Biden is the biggest liar of them all.

And the media is enabling the biggest fraud in America along with the second biggest fraud, Fauci. The coverup of the Wuhan Virus Leak (Wuhangate) which killed 600,000 Americans is bigger than Watergate, Muellergate, Cuomogate, Capitolgate, Ukrainegate, Huntergate, Benghazigate all combined. A Special Counsel needs to be appointed. I appoint Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to lead it.