“For the Democrats Act” is Nothing More Than a Cheating Pact.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Any national election laws that get passed have to be agreed upon by both parties otherwise it is just one party rule forever. For Kammie to come out of her basement and ridicule the GOP “this fight isn’t over” for being the voice of reason is laughable. She can’t even visit the crisis caused by her and Biden at our border and has the nerve to scold the GOP. She is the laziest, most incompetent VP in modern history. She thinks all she has to do is be a woman of color.

The Democrats will continue to play the race card to try to get this legislation passed. These Democrats are so worried that they will lose in the next elections that they have to pass laws that legalize cheating. Pippi Psaki is still claiming that the election fraud is a big lie. The only big lie is the fact that they call the last election honest and fair and the capitol riot an armed insurrection instigated by Trump. Two big lies.

Whoever still believes this is living under a rock somewhere. I want election laws to be stricter not looser with voter ID and signature matches required, no mail in ballots, no ballot drop boxes, cleaning up the voter rolls, no same day or provisional ballots, no computerized voting machines, no extended voting days, and stricter registration requirements with proof of citizenship. Whatever we allowed in 2020 needs to end.


Critical Race Theory, required to be taught in some schools, is modern day reverse discrimination. The school board is teaching white children to feel guilty about their “whiteness” as it is called now. They have nothing to feel guilty about and this nonsense needs to stop. I’m happy to see parents stand up for their children at the school board meetings. If we continue to allow this to spread, soon the white children will have separate drinking fountains from the children of color. It’s coming to that. Sippy Cup Biden has set back racial tensions 70 years. He is a disgrace to our country. Impeachment…anyone…anyone? I guess not.

I saw this coming four years ago when I heard snippets of this in my grandson’s liberal school. The administration believed an older black girl over my grandson and she was lying through her teeth. If you’re white and male you are in the worst demographics in school these days. It’s girl power and black power all the way. The black girl got in trouble for looking something up on my grandson’s cell phone, then lied to her mother about it, and the mother came to the school and strong-armed the principal into punishing my grandson instead. A nine year old had to clean the cafeteria and lose his computer privileges. This is how they operate. Black lives matter…no other lives do. And the school caves to them out of fear of a discrimination lawsuit.

When the GOP starts standing up for our rights and stops getting steamrolled by the Democrats, then, and only then, will we be able to take our country back. Right now, with the introduction of stupid bills like “For the Democrats Act,” we just have to put up with it until then. Vote these radical bums out when we have the chance. They are literally tearing down our country with every law or executive order signed. And Sippy Cup is breaking a record on those.