The Liberals Have More Coverups Than Max Factor.

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It’s hard to keep track.  From the Smollett coverup to Collegegate to Benghazi to Emailgate to Spygate to the Russianhoax—all committed by Liberals.  And they’re running on bringing dignity and morality back to the White House? Give me a break. Mueller read a written statement that even contradicted previous statements he’d made.  And he didn’t misspeak.  He’s trying to cover all bases as he knows he’s in trouble, and the Democrats (Comey) put a gun to his head to make this statement.

The rats are scurrying from a sinking ship now, trampling over each other in the process.  It’s fun to watch them scramble.  This coverup of scandals started at the top and involves many people in government and elected office.  They’re all running scared.

There was NO RUSSIA COLLUSION!  Trump and his campaign were not involved with Russia.  Nor was one American (unless you consider the fake dossier paid for by Hillary).  There was NO EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (unless you consider Hillary’s destruction of 33,000 subpoenaed emails.) But they weren’t considered. Just because they repeat this lie over and over does not make it true.  And if there was even a smidgen of evidence to take out Trump, don’t you think eighteen hired hit lawyers on the Mueller team would have used it?  Of course they would have.

The Democrat candidates have nothing to run on.  Biden is the “default” candidate as they’ve got no one else out of the 23. Trump’s new slogan could be 23 and Me. None of them can draw a crowd.  So in order to win, they are  trying to take Trump out by impeachment prior to the election or at least tarnish his reputation. The Insurance Plan is alive and well.

Pelosi keeps saying Trump wants to be impeached.  If anyone thinks that’s true, they need their head examined.  No sitting president would ever want to be impeached! It’s Pelosi’s way of saying that Trump is defying congress so, therefore, must want to be impeached.  It’s BS. Quite the opposite.  He’s defying congress because he’s not taking their shit any longer.  It’s gone on too long.  Mueller had two years and 35 million dollars wasted on a Russian Hoax and Congress wants a mulligan?  Ain’t gonna happen with Trump’s help.  He’s done! We’re all done!

But there’s a new sheriff in town named AG William Barr, and he isn’t having it.  He won’t be intimidated by Mueller either. He knows a coverup when he sees one and will be throwing down the gauntlet soon.  Even their coverups have coverups.

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