Liberalism is a Cult. Top Ten Signs You May Be a Member. Take the Test.

people on street protesting about racism
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After reading repetitive stupid comments on Turley’s articles, seeing reactions to the Mueller Report and Barr’s testimony, and Trump’s visit to England, I’ve come to the conclusion that liberalism is a cult.

Top ten signs that you may unknowingly be a member of this cult:

  1.  You have an urge to rip a MAGA hat off a stranger or yell at them in public.
  2.  You change the channel off of FOX News when in a public place or turn it off.
  3.  You give the finger to a car that has a Trump bumper sticker on it or key it.
  4.  You repeat “faux news”  often in social settings or online and think it’s clever.
  5.  You frequently call Trump racist, xenophobic, sexist, antisemitic, and misogynist.
  6.  You protest willy nilly in the streets with homemade signs.
  7.  You name call anyone that disagrees with you or tell them to educate themselves.
  8.  You still think Russia helped Trump win the election and say “impeach” daily.
  9.  You call Trump a Nazi because of his comments on Charlottesville.
  10.  You believed Dr. Ford’s testimony and dismissed Kavanaugh’s.

There are many more signs but these are the top ten. If you are guilty of five or more of the aforementioned items, you may be part of this cult.  Get some help.

We know that mainstream media (fake news) are members; in fact, they may be the leaders of this cult as well as most of the candidates running for president.  But if you’re guilty of any five of the above actions or thoughts, you may be a member and not even know it.  Get some help. These people below are displaying some of the symptoms of liberalism.

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