When the Left Cancels Their Own…

You’re out!

it always comes as a shock as they usually support them to the bitter end regardless of the crimes or indiscretions they have committed. But some go untouched and slip under the radar for far too long which baffles me. The left has cancelled over 200 male actors or producers in Hollywood.

Here’s a list of notable leftists that the Cancel Culture like Metoo Movement and media have cancelled, in no particular order:

  1. Governor Cuomo
  2. Chris Cuomo, anchorman
  3. Anthony Weiner, politician
  4. Matt Lauer, anchorman
  5. Harvey Weinstein, producer
  6. Michael Avenatti, lawyer
  7. Bill Cosby, actor
  8. O.J. Simpson, football icon and actor
  9. Kevin Spacey, actor
  10. Senator, Al Franken
  11. Charlie Rose, anchorman
  12. Louis C. K., comedian
  13. Prince Andrew
  14. Jeff Epstein, Financier and sex trafficker
  15. Bernie Madoff, Financier

And many more less notable. But notice how someone like Hunter Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Alec Baldwin, and Joe Biden himself are left alone? They do not get cancelled by the media or the Metoo Movement or the Woke Supremacists. Why is that? Aside from the obvious that they are all a bunch of hypocritic rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me types, some of them have committed just as egregious crimes as those on the list above, but are given a pass. In fact, they are revered like how they treated Michael Avenatti until he was caught in an extortion crime.

I really can’t believe with all the negative news that has come out about Hunter, the left and the media have not cancelled him yet. I understand he’s the president’s son; but hypocrisy aside, they would have annihilated any of Trump’s kids for much less. Instead they are pushing Hunter on us like he’s just one of Joe’s kids. We should judge a man by the offspring he produces, and Joe and Jill failed at being parents, yet the media elected Joe to be the father of our country. Outrageous!

Hunter has committed so many crimes on tape, but our Attorney General just turns a blind eye as well as Chris Wray. And what about all the protestors and professors threatening our Supreme Court Justices? It is against the law, and they are failing to enforce the law. Garland wants justices to be attacked as he has an axe to grind for not getting voted into the Supreme Court. Never put a person in a powerful position that has an axe to grind and we do it over and over.

Vengeful Biden has placed so many incompetents in his cabinet like Buttigeig that have never run a company or been responsible for payroll, it isn’t a wonder they can’t run the Federal Government. No experience. But I digress.

Other people in the news are dropping the Kamala/Newsom rumor to replace Biden before 2024. It’s not just a theory any longer. The left is up to something. Maybe they are planning to cancel Joe Biden and his crooked son after all. Joe may make my list, and I’ll place him at the top next to Hunter. But when will the Clintons make it to the list? They get away with everything.

Stay tuned.