Ghislaine Won’t Need to Name Names to Reduce Her Sentence.

Lolita Express Flight Log

She’ll need to remain silent though. She is a walking little black book for major players in the Millionaires Mile High Club that flew the Lolita Express to a Virgin Island. Why do you think Epstein got murdered in jail? Because the Clintons were fearful that he’d name names during Trump’s DOJ. Now that Ghislaine’s found guilty of assisting in Epstein’s underage sex trafficking, she has the client list; but will the prosecutors ask for it? Not to worry, Ghislaine. The henhouse is being guarded by the fox (Biden Regime) so you should be safe as you are one of the foxes. In fact, not disclosing the client list will actually get her sentence reduced.

What Democrat lawmaker wants to release the client list? Certainly not Comey’s daughter who was one of the prosecutors. The Democrats protect their own and will cover for Bill Clinton till the cows come home. This country is being run by willy nilly, loosey goosey, anything goes, law and order. They don’t want their heroes like Clinton being implemented in such a scandal, so she will not be asked to name names. In fact, she is the sacraficial lamb to get this scandal shutdown. She may be able to leak names to the press, but they are in cahoots with this administration so they don’t even have curious minds. Journalism is dead.

The only chance of getting those names is Project Veritas or investigative reporters for Hannity’s show. And then the story will be scoffed at by the MSM and buried by social media as fast as Hunter’s laptop, so what’s the point? Until we get the scoundrels out of leadership positions, no truth will be reported. Look at Fauci who lies daily. Look at Biden who hasn’t spoken a word of truth in years. Then there’s Pinocchio Psaki whose nose grows in real time.

And all this talk about Michelle Obama running for president to replace Biden. I thought this beloved gal would have been picked for VP, but I messed up. But as president? The girl who said she was never proud of her country until her husband won the presidency? We want that? I…don’t…think…so.

But the Democrats have no moral compass as they are drawn to amoral types and put them on a pedestal like they did Kamala, Biden, Avenadi, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strzok, the Cuomos, and Dr. Ford. Phew…the list is too long. The more amoral they are, the more they are revered.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they propped up Michelle despite all the rumors surrounding her past. One of them being, has anyone ever seen a picture of her pregnant with either daughter? Can’t see her as a stay at home mom or even a working mom with a baby. Think about it. Or a picture of Obama holding one of his own daughters as a baby? Where are those pictures? And I don’t mean the photo shopped ones. All signs point to adopted children but not as babies. Hmmmm. Think about it. If they lied about one thing, you can expect many more lies. And they made them.

The Democrats are the originators of fake news from fake families to fake credentials to fake college rankings to fake qualifications to fake impeachments to fake insurrections to fake presidency to fake promises. Don’t believe a word they utter. Ghislaine is safe with her secrets while the Dems are in charge.

Vote the lying imposters out in 2022!