Everything is Politics From Here on Out.


selective focus photography of a mailbox
Photo by Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios on Pexels.com

Everything we are seeing in the news is about winning the election.  Don’t doubt it.  If something in the news doesn’t make sense or you hear yourself saying, “Why would they do that?” it’s just politics to win the next election.

Why would Nancy hold up stimulus checks for poor families out of work? To hurt the economy even more in order to win the next election.  Why would cities not allow folks to attend their church in the name of covid? To punish what they think are Trump voters. Why would a neighbor senselessly kill a young white boy on his bicycle? To send a message of intimidation to White people. Why would hundreds storm the Post Office General’s house? To intimidate the General into supporting mail-in voting.

Why do riots continue in cities across America? Why would BLM say they’re going to force White folks out of their homes? Why would schools be closed indefinitely in some cities and states?  Why would typical wildfires and hurricanes during the heat of the summer be labeled climate change? Why would a lone young woman walking in the mountains be wearing a mask? Why would the Democrats be against voter ID?  Why are doctors dismissing the truth about HCQ? Why would the city of New York cancel 9-11 memorial service and freedom lights?  Why is there an epidemic of mask-shaming? Why would baseball, football, and basketball players kneel during the National Anthem?  Answers: To send an anti-Trump message in order to intimidate the voters in the next election.  Everything we see or hear from now on is just politics to win the next election.

These senseless acts have nothing to do with the covid virus or the death of George Floyd or voter protection, they’re meant to send us an anti-Trump message that we better vote Biden/Harris or else.  They’re acts of intimidation. Anything that appears to be patriotic like the 9-11 ceremony or standing for the National Anthem, they think is showing support for Trump and has to be cancelled.

I actually have a Democrat friend, God love her, that refuses to watch any news on television so does not even know what has been going on this year aside from covid news.  She gets tidbits from online newspapers like NY and LA Times.  She has not heard about people getting shot in cities, just peaceful demonstrations.  She has not heard about the Black guy getting shot by his own for wearing a MAGA hat.  She has not heard about the white child getting shot by a Black neighbor.  None of this will be reported in the newspapers she reads, yet she is a voter.

My point is there may be thousands of folks like her that are disgusted with cable news or even local news as they hear such contradictions when changing the channels.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all report the same news like in the old days?  Why does the main stream like CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and NYT have to be so biased and, therefore, dishonest?

The way they are reporting on Kamala Harris is so typical.  We can’t vet her or we’ll be called sexist, racist, or chauvinist.  So typical.  There is no way in hell America would want her as our president.  No way.  She’s nothing more than a female Bernie and sometimes more radical than him. She will ruin this country from the top down.  She said she wants to punish all Trump supporters. She also is a self-enriching, arrogant, resentful, corrupt politician much like Biden. So they have that in common.  She wants to cheat in order to win in November with mail-in ballots that cannot be authenticated. She ran for president and got 2% support from her party and now they’re trying resurrect her.

Mail-in ballot fraud will be committed by Democrats, but not all Democrats will commit mail-in ballot fraud.  But that gives them the edge. Democrats are known for cheating in elections. We can’t allow them this edge during a close election.  We’ll end up in the courts for months counting provisional ballots trying to figure out the winner. If we can go to a market safely, we can go to a voting booth safely.  Stop trying to scare the voters into staying home. We want every legal, alive, U.S. Citizen to vote in this year’s election BUT ONLY ONCE.  Not once by mail then again in person. There’s too must opportunity for fraud.

So when you see a protest that appears to be FOR “racial inequality” or “justice for Floyd” or “keeping children safe” or “protecting voters safety”, it’s not.  It’s just about winning the next election. Don’t fall for it.  If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually just politics at play.