Happy Cinco De…Me Oh My Oh!


photo of man getting his temperature by a thermal scanner
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

What a difference a year makes!  A year ago Trump was debating on whether to use “Make America Great Again” or “Keep America Great” as his campaign slogan. Now that our world and country as we knew it has collapsed into some sort of weird face-masked bunch of walking zombies it’s clear the original slogan wins only it needs one more Again added.  We don’t want to Keep this America as it is not Great…me oh my oh!

With no fault of his own, Trump is trying to bring back our country’s financial footing all the while trying to keep the spread of the bat virus and deaths down.  It is like walking a thin tight rope. Obviously if the airlines open up with new safety restrictions the number of passengers will be severely reduced along with patrons of restaurants that try to reopen.  This will result in reduced income by these companies and, therefore, a reduction in flights and need for staffing.  Some folks will not be rehired. This will trickle down to other companies and businesses causing a slow recovery if at all.

But it does matter who the president is.  If we choose a Democrat whether it be Biden or his VP (Michelle) to follow him as president, we will all be looking at the future that looks much like what we are seeing now:  long waits for healthcare, long lines for food, elimination of fossil fuel industry, schools closing, companies closing, high unemployment, high taxes, real estate crash as well as stock market.

The left wants us to receive a living wage from the government (welfare), they don’t want us to return to our jobs, they don’t want us to drive, they don’t want us eating meat or drinking milk, they don’t want us to have children; they prefer a world like in the movie The Time Machine where the people all wore the same clothes (dresses), ate fruit sitting by their clear rivers lacking emotion, and didn’t live past the age of 30.  These people were fed and bred by the Morlocks (government) for their own consumption.

An inventor in Victorian England constructs a machine that enables him to travel into the distant future; once there, he discovers that mankind’s descendants have divided into two species, the passive, childlike, and vegetarian Eloi and the underground-dwelling Morlocks, who feed on the Eloi. Wikipedia

The government won’t eat us but they might as well if a Democrat becomes president.

Be afraid, be very afraid of who you vote for.  Like women’s rights lawyer, Lisa Bloom recently said, “I believe Tara Reade but I will support Joe because I’m a Democrat and vote Democrat.”  Something like this. At least she’s being honest whereas the rest of the clowns say the accuser is a liar and some calling her a whore.  Ridiculous.  She filed a complaint and it has gone missing.  Find the complaint, and we’ll have a different story.  It’s called direct evidence something that Kavanaugh’s accusers never had.  And Kavanaugh had years of stellar untarnished service in the White House without sniffing women’s hair or commenting on the size of their breasts.  Gross!

So happy Cinco de…me oh my oh, clink your Corona Beer :/  bottles, and make a toast.  What a fine mess we have gotten ourselves in. I pray Trump can pull us out of this, but I know a Democrat would only make it worse.  After all their mantra is, “Never let a crisis go to waste. We can now implement our Green New Deal.”  Biden is already touting it or at least his handlers are.

“Make America Great Again, Again.”