We Are Living in Very Scary Times.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Whether actor Will Smith knows it or not, he started a trend of rushing a stage and attacking someone who is performing. Will Smith got off scot free as he is an elitist, Obama-loving actor, but others are attempting the same–only with knifes. First, when a GOP candidate got attacked by a knife and yesterday author, Salman Rushdie getting stabbed many times by another stage rusher. It’s not a coincidence these attacks happened in liberal New York. He’s in critical condition. This puts fear in any public appearances of comedians, musicians, politicians, or actors.

Our former president gets an unprecedented home invasion and torn apart by rifle bearing unmarked FBI agents sent by the vindictive president in order to intimidate Trump and tarnish him before the midterm elections. Senator Schumer warned Trump that they will come for you six ways to Sunday. And they have!

Minority toddlers in the streets are attacking police officers on duty by kicking and flailing. Where are these children learning this? In their homes. Liberal radicals are raising their children to disrespect law and order under Biden’s “dignity” presidency. A weird dude is able to ruthlessly kill his fiancĂ©e and dispose of her body while on vacation and the police could have prevented it; but due to political correctness, they let the guy go after they pulled him over. The girl had obvious signs of abuse and her boyfriend should have been arrested. And his parents harbored him and helped with his escape from the police. Totally preventable but not surprising in this loosey goosey-run country under Biden.

We also have actors and Democrats breaking the law with DUIs, drug usage, mishandling of guns causing death, influence selling, and reckless driving but the media ignores the facts that these are Democrat elitists who are above the law. I can assure you if Melania Trump or one of the Trump sons crashed their car under the influence, they’d be behind bars, or if Jon Voight accidentally shot a director of his movie, he’d also be behind bars. Democrats are living under “rules for thee but not for me.” And we better get used to it or make changes soon!

Every weekend there are drive-by shootings in Chicago and some in New York City. It is not safe any longer to ride the subway or walk the streets at night in NYC. The criminals jump the turnstiles, board the subway, attack people, get arrested, then released the next day by liberal prosecutors and judges. We are running a three ring circus under Biden and will only get worse if we don’t do something soon to end this farce of a presidency and his cabinet members. We have to take over the House and the Senate in order to impeach these clowns. It is our only option left to play. Nothing else gets done when we don’t have the majority. They have complete control, and what a mess they are making of everything from schools, the border, the economy, safety, food prices and supplies, and gasoline and energy costs.

We need stricter law enforcement in our big cities and it starts from the top. We have loosey goosey, anything goes Garland and Wray unless they are after conservatives which they plan to target with their 87,000 new IRS agents. They will get our money this way to pay for their crazy climate change bill. They allow violent protestors attacking our supreme court justices’ homes with no arrests. It is unconscionable. I don’t think Biden and his henchmen will be happy until every conservative is behind bars who voted for Trump.

This is Communist USA. Let’s bring our country back to normal. Make America Normal Again with no masks, no vaccine mandates, no transgenders in women bathrooms, gyms, and sports, no illegal border crossings, no catch and release of criminals, no IRS targeting conservatives, no threats to our Supreme Court Justices, no political correctness, no word replacements, no CRT in schools, no gender neutrality, no White Guilt taught in schools, no transgender options taught in school, no military sex changes, no banning of drilling, coal, and fracking, no climate change bills, and no rushing of stages. In other words, what we had under Trump. Hard to believe two years ago is considered, the good ol’ days.

If we do just some of the above, we’ll see a big change in America, for the good.

I’m Tired of LBGTQ, Pride, CRT, Juneteenth, Woke, BLM, and Rainbows!

Photo by Brianna Amick on Pexels.com

It’s all crap forced upon us by the left and none other than goofball Biden. What kind of a country are we passing onto our poor grandchildren?!!! It’s a crying shame! Half the crap I’m hearing on even conservative channels makes me hurl. My dad is spinning in his grave right now. He wanted nothing more than grandchildren before he died and read me the riot act when I was a single 29 year old. He wanted to know before he died that he would leave behind heirs, not to his name as I am a woman (unlike one justice is afraid to say), but heirs nonetheless. He had five grandsons from his two daughters. We did add his given and surname to three of their middle names.

My father fought for our country in the Navy, but we rarely heard any war stories. Lots of pictures taken overseas as he was a big photo guy. He was just happy to be alive as his only cousin in America was declared MIA after the USS Mount Hood explosion while my mother was pregnant with his cousin’s firstborn.

USS Mount Hood (AE-11) was the lead ship of her class of ammunition ships for the United States Navy in World War II. She was the first ship named after Mount Hood, a volcano in the Cascade Range in Oregon. Soon after 18 men who had left the ship for shore had reached the dock, the USS Mount Hood exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island on 10 November 1944 killing 45 men with 327 declared missing, obliterating the ship itself, and sinking or severely damaging 22 smaller craft nearby.” Wikipedia. It was the biggest tragedy in the Pacific during WWII aside from Pearl Harbor.

My dad ended up marrying my mother after her son was around two. They fell in love the old fashion way through beautiful, long distant letters. It was a story fit for a Hallmark Movie, IMO.

But if my father were alive today, I can guarantee you he would no longer vote Democrat! No way, no how, even though Norwegians are typically liberal. The Democrat party has left The People. They care more about lining their own pockets from ill gotten deeds much like the mafia of olden days. In fact, the leaders of the Democrat Party are all part of crime syndicate families like the Pelosis, Gettys, Browns, Schumers, Newsoms, Bidens, and, of course, the Clintons. It’s a bold statement, but my opinion.

How do we fight off such influential families? It’s hard because they bribe and blackmail supporters to do what they want, thus the stolen election of 2020 and the J6 staged riot. Much like what their supporters are doing to the SCOTUS right now. Intimidation. Very powerful people. But I digress.

I really am sick of the LBGTQ friggen movement. Not because I’m homophobic but rather because they are too much in our faces everywhere. They will be getting a national holiday soon just like Juneteenth, whatever the hell that was. I thought MLK Day was for the Blacks. When do we get a holiday just for Whites? We don’t. Where’s our Pride Day? Where’s Heterosexual Pride Day? Aren’t we allowed to be proud? Guess not. What has the LBGQT Movement done for the country? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Kids are confused, committing suicide, ODing, changing their genders, and mass shooting.

Gays don’t own rainbows nor is one showing up after a rainstorm a symbol of gays. It’s called science. I thought they believed in science. Heterosexuals should claim a beautiful sunset as our symbol. How would that go over? Not so well. So you see, rainbow flags annoy me as their symbol. Leaving San Francisco there’s an entrance to a tunnel painted in rainbow colors long before the word gay was even stolen by the homosexuals. It is the entrance to Marin County and the idea of the Division of Highways not by the gay movement. But I’m sure they have claimed that as theirs too. It’s not!

I blame liberal parents along with the school districts as well as Biden for forcing this crap down our grandkids’ throats like Critical Race Theory which is another beauty, as Trump would say. We don’t want racial division in our schools. We don’t want children feeling White privilege or Black oppression. And we don’t want drag queens influencing any children! Save it for a San Francisco night on the town once they are of age. By forcing it at a young age, only normalizes it which is their intent. It’s akin to teaching children to smoke or drink in grade school.

My dad would be appalled. There’s a reason he died young. He wouldn’t be able to handle this shit like rainbow-colored military bullets or sex changes. He wouldn’t want to see his great grandsons subjected to this crap. No way, no how!

Vote all the degenerates out this November so we can take over the House and Senate to “Make America Normal Again.”